Make Your Own Vintage 'Crackled' Shutters

This project was fun to see come alive in a few simple steps.

I've had these shutters for about six months now or more and hadn't gotten around to working on them, but I knew I wanted to give them a creative look at some point. 

I love the crackled chippy look that certain pieces of furniture and accent pieces have. When I realized Country Chic Paint had come up with their own crackle medium product, I couldn't pass up. I have two sets of these shutters, and I decided to try this method on one of the sets for now.

I knew I wanted the brown stain these shutters had originally to show through therefore I gave these shutters a good wipe down and took off any of the hardware they still had on them and went to work.

Here are the steps as I said, simple, 1, 2 and 3.

1. Apply the Crackle Medium with a brush, let sit and dry for minimum of 12 hours as directed.

2. Apply your favorite color of choice, mine was Simplicity by Country Chic Paint and let dry for a few hours and you'll see almost right away the crackling show through.

3. Distress if any and apply your choice of Tough Coat or Wax, I didn't want much of a sheen look on these therefore I went with Country Chic's Natural Wax.


To be honest I think the hardest part of this project if there was any was just deciding where I wanted to put these pretty chippy crackled Shutters. Still unsure I couldn't wait to show you how cool they turned out.

Then I realized well hello' I have another pair in the garage to play with so why am I even having to decide. So I went with the downstairs first because our bedroom is getting a few updates done and I'm not quite ready to put them up in there yet.

They turned out great, didn't they? You guys need to get your hands on this crackle medium asap! Country Chic paint is by far one of my favorites chalk paints to work with and now they've literally impressed me with their new fun creative products that can turn your boring shutters or anything into a pretty chippy or a crackled shabby chic look! Amazing isn't it? 

So are you willing to give it a try? Super easy and you can't mess up, that's the best part!

Check out for more of their exceptional chalk paint colors and don't forget to use mydiscount code CHARMEDCROWN10 for 10% off!


  1. I love being able to repurpose items. These came out great! I wish we still had our old shutters.

  2. I love the look of these shutters! And seem relatively easy to do, even for non-crafty people like me!

  3. Those turned out beautifully! Doesn't seem too intense either... I have little patience for DIY but these are worth a try!

  4. Wow, the shutters came out looking great!! I love DIY's but I never attempted shutters like this, definitely something I aspire to do one day.


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