Zero Budget Half Bath Makeover | Full Reveal

It's reveal time you guys! 

And I probably didn't do this bathroom any justice with the photos I'm about to show you in this post, because personally I think it looks better in person but I promise I did do my best to get a clear view so you could get the gist of how much better it looks now than it did before, which you can see some more before photos here as well.

Let me start off by saying that I'm still very much in love with this imperfect rustic looking floor. I don't regret the uneven lines, or the smudgy looking patterns from the paint bleeding though the stencil.

Again this is not a permanent solution for this half {guest} bath but it's definitely good enough start for right now until we can tear it all out. A quick fix with no money spent, except for the light fixture that we replaced almost a year ago which cost little to nothing and a few of the accessories you'll see throughout and that I'll mention on where I got them at the end of the post.

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Like I had mentioned on my previous post where I talked about the stenciled floor and basically how this makeover was basically done on a zero budget with paint only, literally, basically the walls, floors, counter tops, cabinets, knobs and faucet were all painted. 

All the paint we already had in our garage from previous projects, so no money was spent on the paint used for this makeover.

After the walls were painted with $9 oops paint in a medium grey found in the oops section of Home Depot and sat that way for a year, I finally decided this makeover had to get finished, it was definitely time.

I continued by priming everything, the floors, cabinets and counter top. The floor stencil makeover after priming it I redid all of it with chalk paint check out the tutorial here. But the cabinet and counter top I painted with Behr Premium Plus Paint & Primer in one in white about two coats of paint plus touch ups. Sealed it all with clear satin Poly, same one I used to seal the floor. 

Its been about three weeks since I finished this bathroom and everything is holding up great.

The knobs and faucet I spray painted with flat black spray paint. 

The knobs I removed and painted but the faucet I just taped off and covered around it and gave it a good three coats. The sink is still very much the same old sink and I cannot wait to replace it but for now I have to live with it.

I didn't want to overwhelm this space with the decor. So I kept it subtle and both feminine and masculine since its a guest bath and the one my husband tends to use the most since he's an early bird. In order to not wake anyone upstairs on the weekdays/weekends he tends to keep all his toiletries in this bathroom. I love the versatility of it and that it has a rustic yet eclectic feel to it.

Therefore the walls are pretty plain for now, not sure if I want to add any more pictures, unless I absolute fall in love with something I see on sale! Lol, but I am still missing a toilet paper roll holder, just haven't had the time to really look for one, believe it or not, I've been doing my best to stay away both from Lowe's and Home Depot!

Here are a few before and after's for comparison.

Its actually quite a relief to finally have this bathroom done and pretty for guests and for us, my eyes needed to see this bathroom in a not so beige phase anymore. Even the husband approves, which is huge. 

Unbelievable what magic a little paint can do, right?

So tell me, what do you think? 


Boy & Girl frames / Hobby Lobby

Everything else not mentioned above I already had in my home so I've linked similar items. 

Shopping your home for some decor items is the best, definitely saves money.

In all honestly you guys know how much I love to shop frugally and so with most of the decor accessories I basically did the same, I love shopping slowly in the clearance isles or for sales when possible and hold on to these things until I'm ready to use them. Target, World Market and Homegoods/TJ Maxx have the best clearance sections no joke! But if I see a deal that I can't pass up, then I'll steal it while I can and if I can.

So there you have it, our 'Zero Budget Half Bath Makeover' hope you guys find some inspiration from this labor or love. 

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