Zero Budget Half Bath Makeover | Stenciled Floor

Transforming your home on a budget doesn't have to be complicated. This little makeover was literally done on a $0 budget because I had no money to spend on buying anything new for this space. It'll be a minute before that happens but in the meantime I figured I could work with what ever paint I had laying around and that's exactly what I did.

Yup, with only paint. 

The very few decor and accessories that made it into this bathroom I've been collecting and have bought them at discount prices the last few months. I'll post sources in my final reveal blog post soon after this one.

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We do plan to eventually give this space a huge and wonderful transformation but I couldn't wait any longer for it to at least look decent and pretty enough for when guests come over and for me to actually walk in there and like what I see for now. 

Its so easy to work with a little paint and change a whole lot of things. I love that nowadays paint can pretty much transform just about anything. Its literally magic.

A while ago I did a blog post of when I was starting this half bath and thought I would have had it finished sooner than later. Clearly that wasn't the case. I got side tracked with so many other things and life that I sorta just forgot about it and continued to push it back. I figured I would eventually come back to it. But I didn't. Till now.

When I first attempted to start this project all I got around to doing was painting the walls gray with leftover oops paint I had bought at Home Depot. That did the trick for a while, covering the yellow walls and somewhat masking the ugly vanity with pretty gray walls to look at instead. 

A year later practically (or more) and here we are. Finally.

I want to start by talking about the stenciled floors. This half bath is under our stairs so its fairly small and hard to get good pictures but I will do my best for the next post of the final reveal.

Back to the floors, the flooring in here is vinyl, the ugly kind. Okay it wasn't so bad actually because it was a light gray but was noticeably old and worn. Thanks to so many inspiring painted floor tutorials, I decided for now I would go that route too.

I already had the primer and chalk paint available and the stencil I had literally bought like sometime last year and wasn't sure if I was going to use it for walls or floors or both. I did realize the stencil was smaller than I was supposed to get but I didn't mind it.

This 1-quart Zinsser Smart Prime primer I bought back in 2015 from Amazon and have used it on several projects and still had plenty to use on the floor in this bath. I used a small roller to prime the floors, one full coat.

I let that overnight. Next day I coated the first base color with left over Rust-Oleum Chalked Linen White matte paint I had from previous projects as well. Two coats of the white.

Chalk paint dries fairly quickly so later that day I was able to start painting my pretty stencil design that I purchased from Pearl Design Studio (Etsy shop) earlier this year and painted the stencil with only Country Chic Liquorice color (black) 4oz sample jar which I already had in my stash. 

I think I could have been more careful or have taken my time a bit more if I wanted it to be absolutely perfect looking or could have even gone back to fix some of the mess ups (which I did on some) but I actually really liked how some of the messy stencil designs actually looked. So I left them as is.

Last but not least you want to seal your floor. I let the chalk paint cure overnight once again and the following day I did two coats of sealing with Minwax Satin Polycrylic Protective finish.

I'm still working on getting better photos of the full half bath for you guys so bare with me and stay tuned for the full reveal.

All or most products used for this project are linked below.

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  1. Wow - I would have bee afraid to even try this! It looks great.


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