An Affordable Whimsy Fall Centerpiece | Ikea Blanket Hack

To be honest, with our table constantly being used, it seemed silly for me to even try. But this year I was looking forward to putting together a pretty easy and neutral table centerpiece for the Fall and hopefully for Winter too.

I love simplicity and I love to use things I already have around the house. Truth be told I wanted to only spend money on buying some real pumpkins for both our front porch and some indoors this year so keeping it simple around the inside of the house was a must.

I wanted Fall decor pretty neutral this year all around, except our dining table is already white so I wanted to add some color to it so it wouldn't feel so washed out. 

Recycled Starbucks brown coffee bottles were kept for obvious reasons. I love they're look and wanted to use them as vases whenever I get the opportunity to do so. I removed their labels and cleaned them, before using them both on the dining table and mantle, which I'll show you very soon in my living room Fall tour.

In my opinion you could never have enough faux pumpkins. This year I even gave mine a new look, which I'll share more about on a different post.

For the table runner I used an Ikea throw blanket that I found not too long ago for only 4.99 and I love it because I can use it all around the house especially with cool weather coming our way. 

And though its a throw because its thin enough and almost scarf like, I knew it was the perfect way to use it. Scarfs and throws on tables is now a thing and I don't mind it one bit. 

I threw in both faux and real dried greenery.

The greens, browns, blue with whites and wheat neutrals gives it all a rustic yet whimsy feel, don't you think?

The cutting board is also from Ikea, including the faux eucalyptus, which both I've had and are for multi purpose usage.

This year I knew I wanted all the unique pumpkins paired with white pumpkins, I incorporated both faux pumpkins and real ones this year as usual.


  1. I like it with the pears!

    I live on a farm and am always looking for ways to use my harvests to decorate. Thanks!

  2. I love decorating with a few real gourds and fake pumpkins. What a cute table centerpiece!

  3. LOVE this idea! This is super cute for decor! :)

    xo, Chloe //

  4. Love you ideas!!! beautiful and creative x

  5. I love fall with all its amazing colours. I liked that you stayed with the earthy green tones - gives the centerpieces a regal look. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love the simplicity and the arrangement is so beautiful

  7. my excuse for not decorating my home is always that i cant afford all the different themed decorations for every little holiday!This post has really inspired me to take a second look at things i just have laying around my house and set them up in an eye catching way!


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