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I've been on the search for an antique dresser for the longest time on Craigslist. I don't normally have the patience but when it comes to waiting patiently for the right piece of furniture to come along has become my virtue.

I'm not done yet. Still want to find at least one more of these antique treasure's and I think I might be done with dressers for a while but don't hold me to it. Lol.

I debated for a bit on what chalk paint color to use on this piece. But I simply am obsessed with their Simplicity, can't get enough of this white chalk paint!  If I change my mind, I know that it will be easy enough to paint over again.  It's been known to happen.

Turned out just how I pictured it and I cannot wait to play with decorating it and using it to store all my mugs, dining napkins, extra party things, etc.

I used the same technique for prepping and paint this piece like I do most of my furniture pieces. A good wipe down, I did scuff up the drawers and sides of this dresser with sandpaper so that the paint could adhere to it much better.

This dresser has good bones but the stain and seal was already chipping off.

The top of the dresser was a little bit of a different story though, the original stain and seal was flaking off even more so than the drawers and sides therefore I had to sand it quite a bit and make sure it was smooth enough to paint.

After a little bit of elbow grease it was all play from there. 

The end result is my always my favorite.

So what do you think? 

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