Men & Women's Robes | Holiday Gift Guide

One thing I have on our Christmas list for our household this year is robes.

Can you believe none of us owns one anymore.  Well my daughter does so not all of us, but she could use a cozier one.  The rest of us have outgrown ours one way or another.  My son outgrew his a couple of year back.  My husband, practically lost interest in his. I used to have a plush pink one but felt like I was drowning in mine, so I didn't want this big over sized robe.  So yeah, basically its time for new ones.  Everyone gets a robe!  And a must have on chill mornings in SoCal.  Its getting to be below 50 degrees in the mornings here believe it or not.  

Over the years, I've gotten used to just sleeping in my cozy cardigans and pullover sweaters so I haven't been in desperate need of having a robe.

Although I do miss waking up on the weekend and throwing on a warm cozy robe or especially when stepping out of the shower.

These Men robes below were some of my favorites and I'll have to narrow it down on which one I'd like to get for my son and my husband this year.  I'm not trying to spend a fortune but I did want to give you guys options and a variety within a fair range of below $150.  But let's be honest we all want to keep the cost or spending way down so I picked a few cheaper than most but within great quality.

For either young ladies, trendy and or simple comfy mama's like myself these are perfect.  Personally I look for classic yet still somewhat stylish, one that I won't be embarrassed to be seen in if I walk onto my porch with my coffee in hand.  The variety of robes below for women are quite a few different looks to choose from.  Some are cozy, some are short, some are solid, colorful and even plaid. 

They're all so pretty its hard to choose even for me.

Even celebrities like Kylie Jenner is gifting robes to her sisters too this Christmas.  The robe below is actually a Barefoot Dreams Hooded Zip Robe from the brand’s “CozyChic” collection at Nordstrom. The $138 robe features a soft micro-fiber fabric and star pull zipper, and is available in four different colors. Though Kylie suggests the pale pink as she stated in People magazine, I don't see it available in pink at this moment. 

I have to say, I didn't realize how there were so many robes that literally look like cardigans now and like the pullover hoodie robe above which I'm totally in favor of.  

Here are a few more like those below in case you're interested.

So there you have it, hope this gives you an idea of where to find some of the best deals on robes, all the hard work is done for you, simply click away and shop for the best deals before they sell out!


  1. These robes are perfect for gifts! I give my mother one every year, and she loves it.

  2. That's a very detailed post on robes :) good info and great ideas, makes shopping a little easier.

  3. It would be so nice to wrap up in a nice cozy robe over the holidays and settle in with a hot cup of cocoa. Thanks for the gift idea!

  4. I love robes. I was looking at a kimono robe yesterday. I liked so many of them. Best for the winter to me.

  5. I love a nice cozy robe! They are the best thing especially in winter. And you just helped me pick a gift for my best friend, thanks!

  6. I definitely live in robes all year long. they're the best cozy comfort!


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