January 25, 2018

My Health Struggles & How I Manage Them Naturally

So today's topic is a little different than what I've been sharing lately, but that's okay, hopefully you guys can appreciate that on the occasion I will share personal topics and real life here on CCB.  Again, this is not just a hobby blog but a home and lifestyle blog, which means its an outlet for me and I'll share just about everything having to do with life.

Though I don't normally bring this up or talk about my personal issues, this year I decided that part of My Word Of The Year being achieve, that also means purpose or effect, I figured it was time that I gave myself permission of being more open about my personal issues here with you and live with more purpose and effect by hopefully getting closer with you on a more personal level.  If you've been following along, you might've noticed me mention my daily health and physical struggles with insomnia, anxiety, arthritis, and uterine fibrosis

Whether you're familiar with all of those struggles or not, they're not at all that bad or unmanageable.  Insomnia is something I've been living with for years which I'm sure many of you can relate to.  Anxiety is touch and go depending on my stress level.  Arthritis is genetic and again currently not that bad, it was worst as a teenager.  The latest, is my one small uterinary fibroid that many women live with normally and sometimes undetected.  Mine unfortunately made itself very well known.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I'm a hot mess.  Lol, but in all seriousness though, I still function normally and I've learned to manage my symptoms it all naturally.

Some of you may be asking yourselves, why I don't seek medical treatment for these issues.  Well I have actually.  That's how I know I have them.  

For my insomnia it was suggested I take depression medication but it gave me the worst headaches, for my anxiety the same thing, but I soon realized that I could live with the sleepless nights by trying to go to bed as early as I possibly could and get in as many as 8 hours of sleep if at all possible.

My arthritis, I've been able to manage my pain with ibuprofen for now and can only hope it doesn't get worst as I age but only time will tell, honestly eating well, having my greens, detox and green teas and physically moving, its helped with that a lot.  Those calcium vitamins help a lot too.  

My uterine fibroid that was found over a year ago now, though for me due to lack of health insurance has not been an option to get it surgically removed.  I have been able to maintain the pain and discomfort to a minimum by taking better care of myself physically.  That includes what I eat and what I drink.  Uterine fibrosis, though they are not cancerous they still mess with the female body like crazy, its basically what caused my anxiety to skyrocket last year and with much research realized that I could manage both with natural elements and rich unprocessed foods.

 I take my vegan vitamins, drink my daily herbal teas, green smoothies and weekly due yoga.  Including my gym visits on the occasion.  It truly does help me a lot staying somewhat physically fit, although this year I'm hoping to kicking it up a notch if my time allows.  Going to the gym and sweating it out does wonders.

I honestly believe in the 'natural' healing power, rather than relying on prescribed medication, but I also understand in some cases medical help is inevitable.  Eventually I do plan to have my fibroid removed.  Truth is I don't like that it causes all this hormonal imbalance and I don't want that to affect me long term.

With all that said, I know many of you suffer from anxiety and everyone's anxiety is different.  Mine started really affecting me last year probably around the same time as my fibroid, so that might be the cause overall, but it was affecting my sleep even more so than my insomnia.  I was waking up shaking and loosing more sleep over it than before.  So I knew I needed to do something about it.   I started researching natural ways to get a handle on it.

Being aware of our own physical or mental struggles and health issues is important but most importantly finding what works best for you as a healing method or remedy, for me natural ways to heal and feel better to be the better version of myself is what works for me, how about you? Stop by the blog and read about some of my own own issues and how I find natural ways to feel my best!

I've always been an herbal tea drinker besides coffee, I love drinking both very much.  Tea for me is healing and soothing and helps keep me healthy with all the antioxidants.  It even helps with sleep, which I love to sleep!  But it wasn't until I found Holy Detox, that I started to realize I was getting sleep again, this tea is caffeine free by the way.  I even started feeling better and more energized throughout the day too.  How many of you are tea drinkers?  Trust me, you'll love this blend of whole leaves tea.

Mind you, this is not at all a sponsored post, this is honestly a true recommendation from me and method that has helped me and not just for sleep but this tea can be helpful in many ways because it is a detox tea.  When they told me at the farmers market that it helped with anxiety, that's all I needed to hear and bought the biggest bag they had.  Again this is just a personal recommendation, but definitely seek and try whatever herbal teas and remedies or methods that work and help you best including natural oils.  I understand that nowadays oil blends are the trend to follow, but its not just a trend but one I know works in many ways.  I for one, have always loved oil blends, I use them on the occasion as well in many different ways, including in food and teas.  I'm starting to use more oils in my cooking and such, so I'll have to share more about that in the near future.  By the way did you know that many teas already carry natural oil blends?

Currently I've been able to manage my anxiety and other issues naturally and I'll continue to seek natural elements and remedies to help me because for me its the best option and preferable.  I love that this method of natural healing works not only for me but for the whole family when it comes to flu season.

I'm also happy to hear from you if you happen to rely on any natural remedies for your anxiety or any physical or health challenges.  I'm hoping that being an open book regarding my personal and health journey can help you also in some way or relate and know that you're not alone.  Though its not an easy thing to talk about with just anyone, without feeling vulnerable and weak, I know many of you are supportive.  I've also have come to realize that being open about our real lives, comes with a reward one way or another.  Whether its simply feeling better after talking about and putting yourself out there and or meeting others in same situations as yourself.

We all have something we're dealing with whether its physical, mental or just any type of personal or health issue.  At the end of the day it's about asking for help if needed or seeking it.  What I love about sharing it here is that there are so many more people out there that you can relate to even if you don't physically know someone, it doesn't mean that you're alone and can't talk about it.  I've come to learn this along my blogging journey and feeling embarrassed of my own struggles.  We all struggle with something and none of us are perfect.

Remember, a little progress each day, adds up to big results.

Feel free to ask me any questions in the comments if any, I'm happy to answer as best I can.  Or recommendations are more than welcome, talk soon!


  1. Really love your advice here. I actually suffer with some similar things. It's nice that you're so open about it!

  2. I love your advice and the fact that you are willing to share it!

  3. Wow! This is such an inspiring post.
    I love how open you are and that you're willing to be so vulnerable to connect with them.
    That's what blogging is all about!


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