January 10, 2018

Refresh Your Home Decor For The New Year

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Okay, so, I think we're all usually on the same boat when it comes to the month of January.  The new year means, decluttering, cleaning out the unnecessary, organizing and for some even starting fresh.  Out with the old and in with the new.

Myself included okay.  I have gone through a few things, reorganized and even decided to get rid of a few pieces of furniture.

My husband was pretty happy to see that happen.  And it feels good, let me tell ya.  I love the feeling of starting over not only with a new year but with new stuff even.

Don't worry I haven't gone out to buy all new furniture but I am looking and I'm tempted.  There are a few add ons and fixes I'd like to add to the house this year, so I've been browsing some inspiration.  I'm hoping we finally get to start remodeling our master bath and finish a few more small but expensive projects like the windows and ceilings, but I'm not pushing my luck.

Below I'm sharing some fun pieces that I personally love and inspired me, and well they're on SALE, so I wanted to share them with you, because I can't keep those type of secrets to myself.  I love a good deal and sharing is caring, and I care bout you guys a ton!

Did you know that you can now buy your favorites through HouzzIt used to be that Houzz was only for finding inspiration, contractors and designers locally but they're expanding their horizons and I love that they have these amazing New Year sales going on right now.

Grab a cup of coffee and browse a little.

Bedford Hall Tree, Black
Baxter Semi-Flush Mount, Burnished Bronze
Caleb Round Dining Table, Desert
Mudcloth Pillow
Tioman Teak Planter-Box Bench
Anji Mountain Jute AMB0328 Kerala Natural Area Rug 4'Round

Let me know if you buy any of these finds or feel free to browse more of their furniture and home decor sales on their website, Houzz.  They're even having their huge Bar Stool sale also, up to 75% off!

Can't beat that!

Here are a few more inspirational spaces from Houzz that you can shop from directly. Just click on the images below.


  1. Going through my "office" right now which is basically a storage room and in desperate need of decluttering. Any tips on converting an oversized storage closet into an actual office?

  2. I love that light! It is so beautiful and perfect for my husband’s office. I love finding decor and redecorating.

  3. redecorating our house is a must for me especially its new year, for a change of view and environment too!

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