Dollhouse Project | The Shingled Roof

Today I'm sharing progress on the exterior of the dollhouse I started working on January 1st.  I have to admit, I wish I had more time to therapeutically work on this house because I want it to come together sooner than later.  I'm going to appreciate whatever time I do get to work on it because I'm certain I'll be sad once its done and then all I get to do with it is admire it.

The roof.  Since my last update, this has been the latest change on the dollhouse.  I have started to work on some of the interior but I'll be posting as I continue.

For now this shingle roof has me pretty smitten.  I'm getting all those cottage vibes from this roof and the exterior paint colors.

I was able to find the shingles at my local Hobby Lobby.  They were over 200 shingles for only $12.  Though it did not cover the whole way through, there was maybe 3 rows on the side that I still need to cover.  I am waiting to see if I can find a small bag/amount of shingles so I don't go spend another $12 on 200 more shingles when I only need 30 more pieces.  

I wasn't sure how well I would do but it was pretty easy from simply following the directions on the bag of shingles.  Though there are still some imperfections that I know are there because of the layering they're not so visible. So don't look too carefully!

I'm still trying to decide on the interior design and more details on the exterior.  There are balconies and flower boxes and shutters to be added so stay tuned, there is tons more to come.

By the way before I forget the most important part, I did add these shingles to the roof with guess what?  ... a hot glue gun and glue sticks guys, that's it.  Super easy.

I'd love to hear some of your thoughts so far and if this is something you see yourself trying out for fun, for your kids or for you?  Cause I might be two decades late in the process but yes, she's all mine, I feel like Monica on that episode of friends! Do you know which one I'm talking about???  Clearly her house is to die for, but I've always loved this episode, one of my favorites!

I have to admit its much easier and cheaper to work on than a real house, obviously and definitely more fun I think.   This girly girl in me is pretty giddy over this dollhouse.

If you didn't get to see my first post on the paint colors of the house, I've linked it below for you.

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