Sleigh Bed Chalk Paint Makeover

As much as I would like to be able to afford a new bed frame for our master, truth is, we're not quite there yet, not sure we'll ever be when living in a fixer upper, priorities come first, therefore its just not in the budget.  Not quite at the point of affording one through my blog yet either so, but goals people! Plus I love a challenge and a good bargain, saving dollars is my niche.

I love our bed frame, the look, the structure, and after only having it for 5 years it's still in great condition, sturdy, nothing wrong with it, except the color.  I was getting tired of the black and how it wasn't really giving our bedroom the feel I wanted.  Let's face it, men don't care about that kind of stuff, so I knew my hubs wouldn't have a problem if I decided to change it.

This has been a to-do and a must-do for like the longest time.  Of course, I just kept going back and forth because first, its such a huge and drastic change and second, I wasn't sure which color out of the 3 that I had picked out, that I wanted to go with.  I kept going back and forth between Simplicity, Vanilla Frosting and Sunday Tea from

Their paints are absolutely my favorite, I knew I wanted to use one of their colors because of how durable and because they don't require so many coats to get the finish that you want.  Of course in this case I wanted the finish to be solid without any of the black showing through but believe it or not, this still only required a merely 2 solid coats.  So not a lot of tiresome work and only had to wait a couple of hours between coats and overnight to add the natural wax for the finish.

As you've probably already guessed I went with Sunday Tea because I have been wanting try this color and add in our home for the longest time, its a beautiful beach sand color and it just says dreamy, coastal, vintage and cozy.  Now that its on this sleigh bed frame I'm in love with it even more.  I'll definitely be finding ways or more furniture to use it on again very soon.

Cheesecake is another one of CCP's colors that I've been dying to try, so that might have to be up next.  In the meantime, I'll be here in my new bed, dreaming and enjoying this new cozy space of ours. 

I have been adding a few new touches in our room and as you can tell I've even changed the color of the walls.  Below is a picture of what our room and bed frame used to look like.

Such a difference right?

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