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Today I wanted to share and give you all an update on the progress of our entryway, which isn't all that much. But we're getting there and I figure its easier for me and you if I blog about it in two parts, for reference.

If you've been following on my Instagram and Insta stories, then you kinda know we were at a standby with this project. Because of life and busyness, I've needed my husband's help and personally I just haven't had the opportunity or energy to continue with it, until now.

For now, let me explain how we got here and where we are at the moment.

Our entry way is pretty much the focal point as you make your way in through our front door. I knew when we moved in that I wanted this space to be something special. Of course when renovating on a budget and yourselves whenever time allows. When you finally decide to do start, well its going to take time to finish. Like any project we basically do around here.

It also took me some time to really visualize what I wanted this space to look like without breaking the bank. Because truth be told, we literally renovate and decorate on a penny's worth.

I originally wanted to get started on this little renovation in January but of course after the holidays and basically having zero time and money, we had to push back. I believe it was beginning of March that we finally decided it was time. So I started by selling the Entry way Hall tree that I had bought and spruced up. That is how most of my projects get done around here by me buying, fixing/painting, and re-selling. It works. And that way everyone is happy when I'm not spending unnecessary spare change.

Its not a very large space so keeping it simple was key. I'm also loving a very minimal and sleek yet still a modern farmhouse look. I knew having shiplap on at least the main wall was a must for me. 

Not to mention I knew it would be cost effective since it doesn't cost much when doing just one wall. I was also debating if keeping our chalk painted wall for writing on was going to be a keeper not. And I settled on keeping the top portion. As you can see in the photos we decided to frame out that same portion of the chalk wall to give it a more formal look. Personally I love it and the Mr. did an amazing job at framing it out. I used Country Chic Paint's Antiquing Wax to stain the frame of the chalkboard. But I'll have to show you pictures of that on the next post. Below its still just the raw wood.

For the main wall, we used plywood. Yup, plywood, cut into planks. Thanks to my good friend Taylor, who's also a blogger and quite a talented wood crafter, she gave me the recommendations on what kind of wood and size to get. I love my blogger friends. Always there for a helping hand.

I did not want to add the nickel or quarter in between the wood for the small gap in between the shiplap. I prefer the close up look and imperfect almost like it has always been there look of it. If that makes sense. Or gathered look per say. I really love how the wall turned out and all you need is Underlayment Plywood this is the one we purchased [here].

Primed it, painted it with Glidden Diamond in Pure White. Its basically what I use all around the house now. We used the Satin for this wall since its a high traffic area, I like having a little shine to it to be able to wipe it clean easy enough if necessary.

The wall hooks are from Lowe's.

There's still a little bit of work to do but for now, it feels just about finished with the shiplap wall and the chalkboard framed out and so I couldn't help myself but add a few finishing touches to the space to give you an idea of where its headed and how much better it looks from before, see below.

Still deciding on whether more shiplap will be added below the chalkboard. I love the simplicity of it now and I hope to add something creative but I am on the indecisive side at the moment. So I'll be keeping you posted on what I decide.

I am also deciding on what type of lighting to add just above or towards the top of the shiplap wall, because this space tends to have very little natural light and there is literally only one pocket light near the door entrance. Unfortunately adding more downlight or pocket lighting unfortunately is impossible due to the structure, that sconces is the next best option.

Our popcorn ceiling removal is still in progress so that kind of puts a damper and hold on things at the moment not to mention eventually we'll have to replace our BIG front door due to a crack that has been there since we first bought the house. Its just a very awkward size of a door therefore a customized door is going to be pretty expensive and its just not in the budget.

I hope this gives you an idea as to where we're headed with this space and working on it ourselves gives us a sense of gratitude. Appreciation as well for being able to do it on a reasonable budget.

This rug was a Pier1 find and I happened to find it on a whim and it was of course on clearance, so I could not pass it up. I knew I wanted a patterned 4x6 entry jute rug or similar and this one won me over. The color and pattern is just everything I needed in my life and in this space!

The bench was a Target find and was also on clearance and after considering a few options including a Magnolia bench at Pier1 that I had had my eye on for a long time, I realized that something a little more modern and minimal would look best in this space. And boy was I right. I could not be happier with this bench and the simplicity yet modern look it gives this space. 

Below I added a few similar finds to some of the choices in this space if you're interested.

Make sure you follow along as we continue to finish this space, I will be sure to keep you posted!

One last look at our progress.

Cannot wait to see what this space ends up looking like.


  1. I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished. I love what you’re doing with it!

  2. Informative post. You know the saying, “You only get one chance at a good first impression?” Well, that’s especially true when it comes to our homes. And that might be one of the biggest reasons we love decorating entryways – because they establish a home’s personality.


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