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Botanical prints can be so beautiful, elegant and subtle.  I've always admired them.  Truth be told I've always wanted to have and display my own but never thought to buy them or create them, like some of you have and I've seen on Pinterest and Instagram by a few favorite and talented DIY'ers.

I've seen beautiful similar prints on Ballard Designs and other sites but clearly beyond my budget and what I was willing to spend.  

Lately since our entry way makeover started, a few other things have also changed and I came to realization that I love the minimalist modern cottage dynamic.  Still loving all things farmhouse too, but until we live in an actual Farm, I'm keeping the farmhouse vibe to a minimum. We currently live in a town home, we have for the last four years, its both upstairs and downstairs and only about 1,500 sq footage all together, so keeping it minimal has been key and figuring out the proper decor has been a challenge, until now.  I'm finally seeing the potential and how much it makes sense to keep things simple when it comes to decorating.   As much as I'd like to add more to my decor until we have a bigger home, that isn't very realistic.

It wasn't until I actually found all 4 of these prints at my local thrift shop that I realized this was probably the moment I was waiting for, without knowing so.  Made me happy to know that I didn't give in to all the other expensive prints I browsed.  The beauty of antiquing is you never know what treasures you're going to find and when you do, you just know they're meant for you.  Don't you think??  At least for me, that's how I like to think when I thrift shop and go antiquing.  I won't make the purchase if I have to think about it wayyyy too much.

Below are the four prints that I was really surprised to have found in the set of four still because they were being sold individually not as a set.  They are usually having a 50% off sale on Saturdays, I usually don't like to go there on Saturdays because of the crowd that sale brings in but that particular day my son just so happened that he wanted to go in to look for a particular item and yes, we were in line for quite some time.  I almost didn't walk out with these botanical prints but I was determined and stood in line for half an hour.  Totally worth it when I realized they were only $1.50 each, uhhhummm.

The colors and the detail on the flower prints sold me.  The frames and border I was a little unsure of but knew I would be able to figure something out or purchase other frames for them if needed.

As you can see, the backing and prints were just overall in the best condition.  Whoever owned these previously had taken very good care of them.

But in order to know what I was dealing with or to see if I could change out the borders, I'd have to go in and see for myself, so taking them apart was a must.  I mean, wouldn't you?  That border was screaming 80's!

You could see that the botanical prints themselves were smaller than the frames themselves so keeping the borders was necessary.

The borders and botanical prints were actual quality card stock and though in great condition, slightly tinted and aged from the years.

They were very well put together, I was kinda sad to have taken them apart.

As you can see below, the verbiage making this collection or as I've referred to the set of four botanical prints are actually a private collection.  They're called "The Edwards Botanicals" by The Bombay Company in Canada if I'm not mistaken.

This of course made me even happier.

I scored you, guys.  At least it feels like quite the win.  ALL I did to spruce these UP was paint the fugly borders with left over chalk paint.  That's it.  I then put them back together and voila.  I even kept the frames original, just gave them a good wipe down.

Then it was time to hang these pretty botanical prints onto the wall.  It was clear that these four were going to stick together.  So I chose this spot, because they're in clear view regardless of where you're standing downstairs.  Right in between the dining room and family room which is an open floor plan so they really look great there.

Easy enough to trace these onto some Kraft paper roll that I keep around for any project, which you can find at any local hardware store.  Cut around them and put up to use as a guide to hang.  I know mine don't look quite aligned and if they are I might be my sight that one of them seems a bit off.

Either way, I'm very happy with how they turned and I'm constantly admiring them every time I look over or pass by them.

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