10 Things You Need To Do Before Summer Ends

Summer is awesome - the weather is hot, the cold drinks are flowing, and children are literally everywhere, now that school is over. But listen up! Summer won’t last forever. Don’t waste your time doing very little (even if you are in dire need of some r&r), as you want to make the most of the time you have before the chilly winds of Autumn begin.

Here are ten things you need to do before summer ends.

1. Go on a family vacation

Get away from the confines of your four walls and hometown, and spend a few days elsewhere.  I recently shared how we went on a staycation to one of our local beaches for the weekend. If money is tight, a camping holiday may be just your thing, or consider going somewhere abroad if you have savings in place. We all need time away, and by being away from home, with its cares and worries, you will hopefully get to recharge your batteries while you get that much needed R&R.

2. Have a summer social. 

Remember your friends? Those people you talk to everyday or pretty often socially and on Facebook! Well ditch social media communication for once, and spend time with actual friends and family members face-to-face. Pick up some patio furniture from this site, put together a menu of summer food, and plan a few outdoor games to keep both the young and old entertained. Fun and laughter are nearly guaranteed.

3. Do something you have never done before. 

Remember when you were young? Those carefree days of exploration and adventure? Or when your parents kicked you out of the house to stop you watching TV all day? Relive those days, and find something to do that is outside of your norm. Local community groups and leisure centers often have summer activity schedules, or you may be able to think up a few ideas of your own.  Boys and Girls club centers were a life saver for our kids during Summer time and our local library always has fun activities, even for teens. Whatever you do or your kids do, make sure to enjoy the experience, and don’t be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone.  Next on my list, rock climbing.

4. Volunteer for something. 

Your local community groups will be appealing for volunteers this summer, all year round actually. So rather than concentrating only on our wants and desires this season, do something for somebody else. I like to make sure my children always volunteer through their church over the Summer for any of their volunteer opportunities.  Look into your church or community center for volunteer option too.  From helping out at children’s holiday clubs to picking litter in your neighborhood, or even walking a neighbors dog, make a difference in the world, to the people and those around you.

5. Go and see a movie. 

Movies are great all year round. Summer time is the time to take advantage of those FREE movies and those hit blockbuster flicks too, like this Summer's super spy action latest Mission Impossible movie to the prehistoric tensions of the latest Jurassic World, you are guaranteed your share of spills and thrills. Hint: forego the expense and bring your own snacks and drinks, especially if you are taking the family with you.

6. Put on your exercise shoes. 

Summer is a time to get outdoors (assuming the sun is shining), so make the most of the outdoor weather and enjoy some exercise.  We personally love hiking along our beach mountain views.  Whether it’s around your local park or a hike up to the top of a mountain, enjoy the beauty of the world around you, while keeping fit in the process. Its weird, but I personally love execising in the Summer, the weather just motivates me to do so.

7. Create a family bucket list

If you have a young family to entertain for the summer, it can be difficult to know where to start but even with teenagers, it can be hard. Still, by speaking to your kids, you can pick up a few ideas of their wishes for the summer season. While some of their ideas may be impractical - building a rocket ship to the moon - you can still compromise on a few - have a craft session, game nights, wherein you build a rocket ship out of cardboard and drinks bottles for the young-lings. You may not get to the moon, but they will love you to the moon and back if you try and tick off more than a few items on the family bucket list.

8. Have a garage sale

Now is the time to de-clutter your home, getting rid of anything that is no longer needed around the house. From toys your children are now too old to play with, to knick-knacks that are needlessly cluttering up your shelf space, sell them through a garage sale, and make back a bit of money for the next item on this list. We actually have a garage sale planned for this upcoming weekend because I have been on a cleaning binge, and I'm pretty excited especially because our home already feels so much lighter. Not to mention its a fresh start for the upcoming holidays.

9. Get your home winter ready

Winter? Madness, surely. But let’s face it, once the colder weather arrives, you won’t be in the mood to do much around your home, I know I'm usually not. I actually love to hibernate in the cooler months. From minor repairs to full-on renovations, use some of your summer to prepare your home for the chillier months.

10. Do whatever your heart desires

So, we have given you some ideas in this list, but finally, do whatever it is you want to do this Summer. Even if it just includes heading to the beach! Regardless of whatever else you may have planned but if there is something you have been meaning to do, and never had the time to do it, perhaps the summer is the time to do it. Because as you know, once Fall time rolls in again, and you start back at work or school, you will only regret not spending the time you had to do ‘your thing.’ So enjoy it, whatever it is!

Thanks for reading and visiting the blog and continue making the best of summer!

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