House Changes To Make In The Summer

Home is a good way to stay cool when the sun is raging outside.
It's well insulated, to keep the cool in and the heat out (and vice versa!) when necessary, you’ve probably got an air conditioning system set up, and the windows closed to make sure your cat doesn't jump out! But there’s a couple more things you might be able to do in your home this summer to make sure you’re staying as chill as possible during this very warm season.

Now that the summer is in full swing, you’re probably feeling the heat waves washing over you, we definitely have here in Southern California in the last few weeks, even when you’re sitting in front of a fan all day. So now’s the time to focus on how you can change up your house to make a difference to your health and happiness, and to make sure your family has as much fun as possible!

So it may not be a house in Greece, but yours can feel just as summery with a few quick changes!

The Kind of Curtains You Have

Curtains are incredibly useful things. They make sure we get a better night’s sleep because of how dark they make it, and they make sure there’s never too much sun pelting down on us even from behind four walls. But if you’ve got blackout or thick curtains during this season, now’s the time to change them out for something sheerer and more white in color or even drop down shades. This will better reflect any light you don’t want, and there’s just a much more airy sense about something lacy!
If you’re interested in how you can change your windows to let a little more air circulate, you can use to help you out. Whether the windows you have are ten or twenty years old, or you’re just sick of the peeling panes and how much heat and humidity leaks in from the outside world, now’s the time to look into sorting the problem when it’s most present!

Repaint Your Walls

The summer sun can make us feel very hot and stuffy, and when there’s nothing but humidity in the air, the last thing you want to do is come home to cluttered room. As soon as you sit down with sweat in your hair and your clothes sticking to you, hoping to cool off, you won’t be able to focus on anything but how trapped you feel in your surroundings.

Heat can quite often be psychological, and you can read for more! So take the time now to go and buy some white or cream paint, and give your walls a new splash of neutral color to give yourself more breathing room. And then put on a fan and start chucking everything off of the floor and the shelves into some storage, to make sure your visual perception isn’t throwing your health off as well. In the summertime, less is more. You want to focus more on having fun with your family and making memories rather than dreading the summer heat and dwelling on the unnecessary.
Make some smart home changes now to make sure the heat doesn’t get worse! And so when school and holidays come around you have to worry about.

Hope you're all enjoying these last dog days of summer, thank you all for stopping by!

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