What You Should Be Wearing This Summer!

Some would say it’s completely up to you, others would say that you need to watch the changing styles like a hawk. It’s all about what makes you feel comfortable, and what you think you look best in. That's truly my motto at the end of the day.

Although, I have to admit, there are some great summer styles that have set to be trending this summer, and I'm loving every single one of them. But I can only pull off so many. I feel as if this summer's style took more of a casual turn this year. 

Even though we are well into the summer at the minute, don't let that stop you from experimenting with the styles that are still changing, and finding something that you think you would like to wear. Below are a few ideas for you that I think will suit every single one of you, shape or style, so check out some of the styles, and see which one you’d like to add to your collection this Summer, or all.

The Girly Girl Look

The girly girl look is one of the prettiest to go for this summer. I love this one because it’s so effortlessly easy to achieve, and you really do feel lovely and summery wearing it. For this look, I would recommend going for a flowery skater girl style dress, or a flowery jump suit. Flowers are always in every summer, and this year is no different. I really like the idea of a yellow flowery dress, with some simple pumps or sneakers, and an over the shoulder bag to finish the look. It’s comfy to wear, airy, and you’ll feel lovely in it. Or, you could go for the skirt and bodysuit option. A flowy skirt is a must, as the summer heat can make fitted skirts too unbearable. 

Again, you could either go for a floral design, or you could go for something plain colored or even a nautical print, which is a favorite of mine. I personally loved the dress in the photo above because its a perfect fit and its soft and light for a warm summer day. The idea of an aqua green flowy skirt, with a white tank top tucked in, and again, some simple sneakers to finish. This is something I see my daughter wear pretty often, she inspires me every day.

The Casual Look

My favorite of course. The totally casual look is different to the girly girl look. With that one, there’s that element of class that the casual look might be missing, but sometimes, you just don’t need to dress to impress. If you have a look at this look book, you should be able to find some casual looks that you can follow. But, if you want my personal advice, you need to go for that sporty casual look or boyfriend jeans look. Some running shorts in black, with a black crop top is literally all you need to do to look stylish. Finish the look with some flashy new trainers, and you’ll have that sporty casual look that everyone is after at the minute. I actually need to upgrade my sporty wear stat!

The Fresh Look

By fresh, I mean that crisp look that leaves you feeling sharp no matter where you’re going. To achieve it, you’re going to have to go back to classy. Maybe some flowy wide leg trousers, with some sandals or flat shoes, and a ruffled crop top is the look I like the sound of. It’s elegant, it’s fresh, and it’ll turn heads wherever you decide to go. I have a couple of wide leg trousers, so comfortable and chic.

Whichever one of these looks you decide to go for this summer, just make sure you’re happy in the skin & style you’re in!

As always, thanks for stopping by the blog and paying a nice visit. Its always a pleasure when you're here, your support is always appreciated friends! Let me know what your favorite looks are this Summer, and if you prefer any of the looks I mentioned!

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