A Rustically Charming Ladder Chair | Paint Makeover

A few weeks later but I have finally gotten around to bring this post to you live! 

I have had so many other ideas and quite a few summer blog posts to share that I wanted to spread them out a little so I didn't over flow your in boxes. Trying to stick with 2 or 3 blog posts a week, so far, I think, I've succeeded.

None the less I'm happy to finally be sharing this makeover with you guys, its been a long time coming.

I love how this ladder chair that I've had with a few others for quite some time, actually turned out and with this color it basically screams coastal Summer.

This chair is now in our master, its part of the coastal cottage retreat feel I'm going for in there. I wanted a chair to have in my corner for extra seating but mostly to add charm and to also play the role of a nightstand. I already have this dresser on my side of the room also therefore a regular nightstand might have made this space a little more limited and would have felt a little cluttered. All in all, I just love the charm that this color brings to this corner. 

I love a good piece of furniture. I know some of you may think, why ruin or paint such a beautiful piece of furniture? Well, truth is, I feel that paint and color actually brings out the best on a furniture piece that's already so well made and brings out the detailing.

And you all know how much I love painting, and I love a good laugh too, just here, having a little fun with my daughter while getting photographed. Its not always so serious behind the scenes, in fact, we like to laugh it off because capturing these moments are fun too.

Painting is so therapeutic to me at the end of the day, to think that its been one of my long time hobbies. I don't think I've ever shared this, but I've been painting furniture since before blogs were the craze. My sisters will tell you, they watched me transform the most plain and basic pieces into something beautiful and colorful, because I was obsessed with all the bright colors back in early 2000.

And I'm trying to appreciate color again, though I'm still the biggest fan of creams and whites, but Country Chic Paint has helped me see the beauty in them again. They execute the most amazing paint colors, you can check them out here.

Sage Advice is one of those colors that just adds character to any piece of furniture and gives it that cottage charm instantly. 
All of their colors are beautiful, I wish I could use them all in our home, so far the whites, creams, and greens have been what I can incorporate in our home's aesthetic.

This is one of those colors that I truly see myself using more of in the near future. I'm currently trying to find other pieces of furniture that I could paint with this color.

Just like all of their other colors, they're continuously rotating and changing and adding new seasonal colors for you to try over at www.countrychicpaint.com.

Today I'm happy to announce that I even have a coupon code to share with you guys and you get to save 10% on your first time purchase!

Make sure to use code CHARMEDCROWN10 and thank you guys for stopping by the blog today and please share your projects with me anytime, I'm always excited to see them! Or feel free to tag them with #countrychicpaint in order for us to find.

Happy painting!

This post is in partnership with Country Chic Paint

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