Keeping Yourself Healthy Without Visiting The Doctors

So we all know that our health and our family's health is the most important, but there are some who like to visit the doctors more often than others.

Understandably our health is most precious and when we don’t understand why something is feeling wrong, the first thing we do is jump to book a doctors appointment.

Except, nowadays going to the doctors can be quite the chore. Booking an appointment alone is very time consuming. Not to mention the current amount of people that like to have those frequent doctor visits, usually for symptoms that we can easily take care of on our own.


So, today, I want to try and show you and talk to you of other ways that you can keep yourself and your family nice and healthy for the seasons to come, without the need of having to visit the doctors.

These tips have worked for me in many ways and for my family. I for one, hate doctors's offices and hospitals. Maybe its my OCD and the fact that I'm a total germophobe but I prefer to avoid visiting any type of physician if possible, unless absolutely necessary. So have a read, and see if you can change the outlook of your health from the comfort of home.

Keep The Cupboard Stocked Up

Everyone has a medicine cupboard or medicine cabinet, box, or drawer… whatever it is, everyone has one. It’s essential that you have the basics to be able to manage your health from home. A number of things could go wrong that you would need to reach into your cupboard for.

Hydrocolloid dressings for injury care (if you care to have these handy for worst case scenarios), band aids for smaller cuts of course, painkillers such as ibuprofen, over the counter flu tablets, allergy tablets, upset stomach tablets, headache tablets again your personal preference… the list really could go on. If you have the cupboard stocked up to reach for when needed then you won’t be letting whatever symptoms you may have, get worse, which could then lead having to reach for that phone and a visit to the doctors without really needing to. 

Nowadays I preferably like to have my oils to turn to as well, actually they're first choice now over any over the counter medicine unless I'm desperate and out of an oil I desperately need. Having learned about Young Living oils and the difference they've made in small impactful ways is a blessing. We love that they are natural and have so many different uses. You can find great ways to use essential oils on my Pinterest board.

Going back to your medicine cabinets, you really want to make sure that everything is up to date. If you’re taking flu tablets that are out of date, you could get worst before you get better!

Your Daily Health Routine

A daily health routine is important if you want to stay away from the doctors. It’s all well and good keeping your cupboards stocked up for when you do get ill or start feeling the symptoms of a cold or flu coming on, but preventing it altogether should also be on your agenda. So, I personally recommend starting the day with a bottle of water, and a multivitamin tablet or shake. 

A healthy breakfast is not only good for your digestive system, but keeps you full until lunch time. A healthy lunch such as veggies and protein, keeps you good and full until dinner. Feel free to browse for healthy dinner recipes like the ones here. Make sure to stay hydrated, taking brisk walks to keep your fitness up, and taking your multi vitamins and/or your Young Living oils to improve your overall health.

When To Visit The Doctors

I'm not saying that you should never visit the doctors. Sometimes, going to the doctors is the only choice we have. If the symptoms that you’re struggling with are pretty much unbearable, then head to the doctors right away. No doubt. If your symptoms are in the background, but you’ve had them for three weeks or more, then it’s time to take a trip to the doctors as well!  

Seek home care

Getting 24 hour home care will ensure that your loved ones will always have the right help that they need no matter the time of day. You can put your mind at ease, as well as your lifestyle while making sure that your family is well cared for and in the best position health-wise. 

You can avoid going to the doctor every few days and instead, get help for your loved one in the comfort of your home.

Never ignore symptoms you cannot understand or are inexplicably painful. At the end of the day our healthy is most important and sometimes doctors are our last resort or only choice.

But remember that taking precaution and taking care of yourself daily really does make all the difference in staying healthy longer. Eating well, keeping your home clean and taking multivitamins and making healthy choices, including fitness is always, always important. Try to fit it all in your daily routine and you'll be happier and so will your family, with more time spent healthy and less time being sick and less time at the doctors.

Essential oils, herbal teas, healthy vitamins and powders have made a world of difference for us. We are doing our best and I'm doing my part in keeping healthy for my family. Using healthier home cleaning products as well, such as ones I've talked about it here.

Thank you for stopping by the blog as always and hope these tips help and keep your home and you and your family healthy for the long run. Especially in the months to come.

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