An Affordable DIY Fall Wreath

This year I decided to keep Fall things bright yet minimal and as always affordable or cost free if possible. And since I put forth purchasing a new Fall doormat and live pumpkins, I knew I would have to cut corners elsewhere and I don't mind a little DIY from time to time. Especially over the holidays. 

The faux flowers that Dollartree had available this year were a #FallWin for sure! I already had a few items on hand, so the flowers were going to be all I needed to purchase. The twig wreath, I purchased last year from Michael's for half the price with a coupon. But they're pretty inexpensive already and now is the time to buy one for sure if you don't have one already.

I honestly didn't have specific faux flowers I was looking for, but I loved all the burnt oranges, dark yellows, olives and maroons. Plus they actually had a few cotton stems with mini pine cones, mini pumpkin stems as well and faux eucalyptus. Such a rare find at the Dollartree, so I grabbed as many as I thought I would need and more just in case. I knew these would go fast once people found out about them. 

Really really love how it turned out and looks on the outside of our front door. Easy enough and cost literally only a few dollars. 

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As always thank you for being here and stopping by for some DIY goodness!

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