Our New [Antique] Dining Table

Excited to finally be sharing our new yet old antique dining table that of course, you're probably thinking, "she had to paint it"! Yeah, I kinda HAD to.

Truth is I wanted a table that I wouldn't have had to have painted or #DIY but when I saw this particular table, the design and price, well it was a must have and one that needed to be painted. You see it had that very very old old antique smell. The kind most antique old furniture pieces do. I did my best to clean it with a few products but it was inevitable. The smell wouldn't vanish. Plus the top of the table wasn't what I thought it would be and it wasn't pretty to leave it as is.

The rest of the table and style of this table that I, of course, found on Craigslist was perfect for this space. Don't get me wrong I loved our Oval #Pier1 hand me down table as well, but it was too big for this space. It left very little room to move around, the chairs were wall to wall and we would have to squeeze in and around. Not fun. So I began to sort of look on Craigslist occasionally for a unique round dining table for months, yes months. The ideal dining table is hard to find or come by on Craigslist. If you know, then you know. It wasn't in the budget to buy a brand new table. Truth is a like a good find anyway. Giving old furniture pieces a new home is my niche. And can we all agree that with patience all good things come to those who are willing to wait?

Personally I think so.

Patience is not my virtue but I think what helped was that I was also debating if I actually wanted to go this route and actually give up such a great dining table for a smaller one. 

But I don't regret it one bit now.

Like I said, I started by giving the table a good cleaning and although the old smell wasn't as bad it wasn't completely gone either. Also the top of the table was not exactly the look I wanted to keep for our dining table. Therefore the next step was to sand it down, just the top of the table. I only sanded down the top because I wanted the primer and paint to adhere as well as it possibly could considering the shiny lining of it. After I gave it a good sanding and wiped it down, it was time to prime, prime, prime.

This right here, is my favorite primer. I use it whenever I absolutely need to and always works like a charm. 

After three coats of primer, yes, three coats, I wanted to make sure that it took care of the mild antique smell and the old wood color seeping through. Once I let the primer dry in between hours and then let it dry completely for 24 hours, it was time to chalk paint.

Of course you all know by now that in this space I love using Country Chic Paint's Simplicity, because its a stark white. I love this color because I love the brightness and cleanliness that it gives this room. Our downstairs doesn't get a lot of natural light therefore white is kind of a must in my playbook. And what can I say, I'm just a sucker for a white piece of furniture, trending or not.

After giving the table two coats of Simplicity I let it dry for 24 hours again.

What I love most about this table is the scalloped design on the bottom edges with the curvy leg design. I've seen quite a few of these in a few homes and magazines, and another thing I love most is that it came with an extension. Much needed for when we do have our family and friends over during those holiday dinners, this was a must have for me. I painted and did the exact same thing with that middle insert section by the way. The rest of the year it could stay as round as a four seater.

There is a split or line in the center of it, but to be honest it doesn't bother me one bit and its hardly visible when there's a centerpiece or table runner on top.

So, after waiting the 24 hours after painting it with Simplicity, it was time to give it a nice rustic look. Therefore I only sanded the edges and the legs where it felt necessary to give it that minimal worn look, that I love. Wiped it clean then it was time for the Country Chic Paint Tough Coat. I love tough coat because its clear and has a satin finish, plus its exactly what its called, tough. So its perfect for furniture pieces that you use daily and can take quite the beating. Plus easy to wipe clean when needed. I used this finish on my dining chairs too and has held up very well.

This picture below is not the best due to lighting but just wanted to give you a look at the split of the table.

I have to be honest, I don't even miss our old dining table. I really love this new one that we've replaced it with and its truly the perfect fit in this space.

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If you have yet to place your first Country Chic Paint order for your favorite chalk paint color or products, feel free to do so now, visit www.countrychicpaint.com and use my 10% off promo code CHARMEDCROWN10. You won't regret using this paint on your next project, its truly one of the best paints I've worked with and will do so for as long as I can.

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