3 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Finances

Some of us are all guilty of neglecting our personal finances from time to time. There are all of those #holiday expenses coming up and with the cold weather coming up, a few new warm garments for the cold months are needed - and, of course the extra necessities for the festive season that's right around the corner. 

If you’d like to stay just a bit more on top of your personal finances before the end of the year, you can just follow a few of the tips below. They won’t necessarily make you rich overnight but paying more attention will certainly help you out, in the long run. Advice I need to follow for myself as well.

Here is a handful of tips to make it a bit easier to secure your financial future and to be able to afford all the fun stuff, in the long run.

#1 Safeguard Yourself

You probably know very well that insurance is important but how many of us go beyond the mere medical insurance? If you’re able to, it’s a good idea to look for other ways to safeguard yourself in case something should actually happen. 

Have you thought about taking out a disability insurance, for example, so that you’re able to have a steady income even if you’re not able to work the same way you used to? 

Try to think about other ways to keep your personal #finances safe regardless if you’re in an accident or going through a difficult time. Find an Uber accident lawyer in case something should happen when catching a ride, and make a note of all the other numbers you might need in case the other person should make a claim against you.

It’s the kind of stuff you’d be very happy you thought about if something should happen. 

#2 Up Your Savings

The next step to financial security is, of course, to make sure that you have a proper plan for how to save. Just having a #savings account is, unfortunately, not enough as you should try to have a plan on how to continue increasing your savings and reach your financial goals, in general.

Remember to always pay yourself first before you pay for anything else - and continue to increase the amount you put aside with a few percentages when you’re able to.

#3 Increase your income

Finally, one of the best ways to make sure that you have enough to survive and even put aside is to increase the amount of money you earn. To most of us, this means working towards that promotion and hoping for a pay raise - but keep in mind that you should be able to increase your income in other ways as well.

What if you don’t get that promotion, for example, or if your expenses increase so suddenly that a pay raise won’t help you out? Start to look for ways to have a side-hustle, and continue to boost the amount of money you make no matter what. 

In other words, save save save. And those are still words I need to tell myself more often for my sake in the long run.

Hope these tips help you out a bit and with the holidays coming up, don't go over spending all your money, keep credit card spending to a minimum too.

Thanks again for stopping by the blog as always, I love having you here, come back soon!!

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