Don't Let An Injury Get You Down

We live in dangerous times. Lol, sad to say, but true. As too many of us wander through lives with headphones over our ears and our attention fixed squarely on a screen in front of us, even as we navigate a busy street, we seem to court accident and injury on a daily basis. Of course, the street is not the only place in which we can be unexpectedly injured. We can be afflicted by an injury at work, trip or fall around the home or even injure ourselves in the gym by failing to properly warm up before engaging in heavy strength training. When we are afflicted by injury, the road to recovery can be long and arduous littered here and there with both physical and psychological pain. In many cases, injury can lead to poor self-worth and depression. As important as it is to guard against injury, it’s just as important to know what to do when one is afflicted by it. Here are some scientifically proven ways in which you can prevent your injury from getting you down…

Surround yourself with people who will remind you of your worth.

When you are injured and in the process of convalescence and recovery, it’s both understandable and natural if your first instinct is to eschew human contact. However, this could create a barrier to your recovery and cause you to lapse into unhelpful thoughts and depression. You may not feel it right now, but you are still a beautiful, clever and capable person who is loved and respected. Thus, while you may not feel comfortable being social straight away, breaking out of your comfort zone and surrounding yourself with people who will remind you of your worth is an important way to ease recovery. 

Don’t be afraid to accept that to which you’re entitled.

If your injury renders you unable to work on a long-term basis, this can lead to financial pressure. This leads to stress which, in turn can impede your physical and psychological recovery. Indeed, studies show that elevated stress levels can elongate healing times by as much as 25%. Thus, you should not feel ashamed to apply for disability benefit and enlist the aid of a law firm like Darras Law if your claim is rejected. You’d be astonished how many claims are wrongfully rejected. Getting help now will ease the financial pressure on you for a restful mind and quicker recovery. 

Now more than ever you are what you eat.

When we are feeling down and in physical pain it’s all-too-tempting to reach for the comfort foods. But before you reach for the ice cream and order in a pizza, it’s essential that you remember how important diet is in injury recovery. Eating right will not only help to repair damaged tissue to facilitate a speedy recovery, it will also help you to keep depression at bay, too!

Stay active.

For the sake of your recovery and your mental wellness, it behaves you to stay as active as possible. See friends, do lunch, take yourself for a stroll or a wheel around the park. Spend time in the garden, sit in a coffee shop and people watch, do whatever you can to stay active. What’s more, get back on the horse in terms of your exercise as quickly as possible. Talk with an instructor at your gym to see how you can reap the physical and mental benefits of exercise without exacerbating your injury.

There’s no reason to let an injury get you down!

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