Furry Fashion Filled With Functionality

There is good reason to avoid a lot of the pet clothing you can find around the web or even at your local pet store. Making your animal needlessly uncomfortable, a lot of the options available aren’t designed with much more than making the poor creature look cute, and they won’t enjoy wearing them. Of course, though, there are always exceptions to trends like this. In fact, when it comes to dog clothing, there are lots of examples out there which are both fashionable and functional, providing your dog with wider benefits than just merely looking good.

Rosa & Solo - Our Stylish Yet Comfortable Shihtzu's

For example....

Coats: The winter months can get very cold in a lot of places, especially for creatures with only a natural coat to fight off the chill. Likewise, rain can also be very uncomfortable for an animal like a dog, and this is where coats come in. Whether you want to keep them warm, dry, or somewhere in between, you can find a coat which will suit most dogs. Of course, though, you may need to have your pups try on a few options before you decide on the one which will be best for them.

Diapers: During the early stages of a dog’s life, they will struggle to keep themselves as tidy as their owners would like, with accidents being a regular thing in a puppy’s life. By choosing to use a washable dog diaper, you can eliminate this issue before it starts to control your life. These doggy items and clothing often come in very nice designs, with stylish patterns and materials being used to make your dog look great.

Collars: The practical benefits of a collar are fairly obvious to most dog owners, and this is a tool which is very commonly used to keep an ID tag on a pooch at all times. They don’t just have to be to keep your dog safe, though, and a lot of the options you find on websites like Etsy are specifically designed to look good. This is a great option for dogs who don’t like clothing with more intrusive properties, giving you at least a little bit of room to have fun.

Shoes: Finally, as the last area to consider, not a lot of people realize that they can get shoes for their dogs. A lot of us hesitate in this department because of the extra work or maybe we assume the dogs just won't like it. Well they're all reasonable reasons but, dog shoes are designed to keep their feet warm and dry during the colder months, and keeping their toes from burning when it’s hot outside, little boots for your dog can be a great idea. Of course, though, they don’t just help your dog to stay comfortable, as they can be designed to look great. You can even find examples which are made to look like shoes which are made for humans.

Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start collecting appropriate comfortable clothing you choose for your pups. A lot of people struggle in this area, finding it hard to know what to choose to have their dog wear. If you search hard enough, though, you can find lots of pooch garments with plenty of purpose, giving you the chance to make a statement with your furry friend.

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