Getting Into The Happy Zone

Although we are walking around each and every day saying “I’m fine”, sometimes we just aren’t. 

But, rather than acknowledging all of the things we have on our plates like work, keeping a house in order, our social lives, relationships, kids, trying to stay healthy and find room to relax and unwind - it is definitely a lot. And sometimes we just can't do it all. So it really isn't any news that a lot of the population (in any country) are suffering from varying degrees of anxiety and mental health issues. Self-care has been big news for the last few years, ranging from a quick and easy face mask to a full body work out, there is much more to it than a once a month thing. Here are a few suggestions of what you could be doing each day to keep yourself in a great place. 

Work those muscles out. It doesn't matter if you go for a full body training and get sweaty and exhausted, or you chose hot yoga or a gentle stroll. Moving your body every day is excellent for your mind. For me its literally a must every day, since most of my days consist of sitting in front of a computer. 

There is a link with mental health and exercise, so try setting your alarm and getting up a little earlier to get a head start on the day. Check out for classes, and put those sneakers to good use. Or get outside and go for a run.

Meditate. This one is huge for me, one that I've been trying to master for a while now. While no one is asking you to create an ashram in your living room and meditate for hours a day, but five to 15 minutes will bring you some inner calm, help you push negative thoughts to the side and help you focus on the things that you want to achieve that day.

Disconnect yourself. Where once the TV used to be blamed for many of the problems you might see in our society, now it’s the turn of the mobile phone. Having access to information 24/7 has been brilliant for people who have freelance jobs, it has also bought its fair share of issues. You can scroll through Instagram, Facebook and twitter and get lost int he negative news stories or the very polished lives of others and feel a little put-down. 

While it is worth remembering, you are seeing the best and worst parts of peoples lives online, not the usual average middle bits, you should 
disconnect (on purpose, not just because you are asleep) at least 3 times a week for an hour or more. If you are struggling with that, ironically there is an app to help with that. Lol.

Book in the necessary ‘me time’. It might sound silly, but if you have something booked in your agenda you are far more likely to keep the appointment, even if it with yourself. 

Take a look at your whole month - where can you make time to read a new book, where can you put in some long hot shower time or the time to bake. Whatever it is you feel like you don’t have time for anymore, start booking it in and keeping those appointments. 
Consider making a phone call. Because texting is so easy, sometimes we skip the phone call altogether - however, it is so much nicer to share things vocally than with some quick words. Make some time to call an old friend or a family member you don’t often talk to anymore. Even though we have never been more connected, we don’t often use those connections in the best of ways. 

Rest. Something most of us just don’t get enough of is real rest. With most jobs functioning on the highest level possible, and the majority of companies being global, you might be waking up and going to bed with emails galore. We just don’t give our bodies enough time to rest and repair. Sleeping lets us deal with not only physical aches and pains, but it also enables us to process what we have been going through mentally and emotionally in the form of dreams. Many of us go to bed and then proceed to scroll through our mobile phones for hours. Put it to silent and out of reach. Read in bed is very relaxing and recommended by sleep experts. You might also consider going to bed earlier than you usually would, and seeing roughly how long it takes you to go to sleep. (Going to bed earlier might help with that exercise in the morning tip).

Write it down. Probably my favorite thing to do. Some people now refer to it as journalism, and it is wildly popular. If you are into making things as pretty as they can be then you should check out some Pinterest boards and YouTube channels about how to decorate your journal. If that just isn’t up your street, then consider a blog (hint, hint), a standard diary style of writing or maybe just an extensive word document that you add to when the mood takes you. The process of writing things down helps your brain process things that have been bothering you nice and quickly. It is said that you should just write as you feel and think rather than try and write it as you wish for it to be read. 

Make a reading list. Rather than feel any pressure to get this one completed, make a wish list of books that you’d like to read in the next year or so. When you see you have some scheduled ‘you time’ coming up, make sure you have the books available should that take your fancy. Reading, in general, a relaxing activity and has an element of escapism to it. It also helps us be more creative and come up with new ideas. Perhaps try reading a book that is outside the typical genre that you would choose, and see where it takes you. 

When it comes to finding what makes you happy there is no one size fits all method, it might take a little while to see what works. It might just be as simple as reminding yourself that you are amazing each morning in the mirror, and flashing a big smile at yourself too. 

Take time for you, do what makes you happy in a moments worth.

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