Hidden Gem | US Destinations To Discover This Fall & Winter

If you would like to stay away from the popular destinations this fall and winter when taking time off to spend some quality time with your family, you will need to look or the hidden gem destinations that will help you relax, take a step back from your busy life, and avoid paying premium prices for accommodation and services. Find a few tips below.

Maine: Brunswick

Maine is a state full of surprises. If you visit Brunswick, you will find loads of New England charm, as well as art museums and state parks. You can book a hotel in Brunswick, Maine and spend a few days exploring the Bradbury Mountain State Park, open all year, or taking a walk to the Doubling Point Lighthouse.

Alabama: Dauphin Island

If you are looking to get out and about and see something different this fall and winter, you will need to visit Dauphin Island in Alabama. Also called the sunset capital of the state, you will find a bird sanctuary where you can connect with various species, and go on a family boat ride. This barrier island is located in the Gulf of Mexico, and is family-friendly, making it the perfect spot for getting away during school vacations.

Alaska: Cordova

Those looking to recreate the winter wonderland and hardly ever see snow and ice in the winter can visit this glamorous location. You can access Cordova by boat or plane, and it is one of the most remote locations in Alaska. You will find plenty of parks and museums and see the world in a different light in the winter sunset or sunrise. You can plan your visit during the fall or winter and take a tour or walk down the Copper River.

Arizona: Oracle

In case you would like to learn as you travel, you can find plenty of science and sci-fi locations in Oracle, Arizona. Visit the Biosphere 2 project where you find the future technology implemented in the biodome houses. Whether you are a survivalist or interested in the future technology, you will find some food for thought. Those looking to connect with nature in its current form can visit the Santa Catalina Mountains and go on a hiking trip, too.

Cathedral Pines Preserve, Connecticut

If you are into hiking and staying active during the cold months, you will be able to spend a few unforgettable days at the Cathedral Pines Preserve in Connecticut. The largest area of hemlock and pine trees has survived multiple tornadoes, and is still standing strong. You can hike, go on a bike tour, or simply hug some of the 200-year old trees.

There are plenty of hidden gems worth exploring in the United States, If you would like to avoid the crowd and make the most out of your budget and time, getting away from it all, try to stay off the beaten path and discover things you never even knew existed before. Whether you are looking for winter fun or activities, these places are worth checking out.

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