How Do You Design Your Dream Interiors?

When you first move into a new home, the very first thing you want to do is decorate. When you’re buying a house, this is always exciting - even if it’s your second or third home you’ve ever owned. However, trying to decide on how you want your home to look can be incredibly overwhelming. There’s a lot of thought that needs to go into it all. And you’ll want to make sure that you can use a range of ideas to come up with a cohesive design that brings your entire home together. Now, when you’re just moving in, you might be in a bit of a rush to get it all together as soon as you can. So it’s often handy to be able to work out what you want before you move. If you’re doing it all yourself and not working with a designer, this is going to be important to help you stay organized.
Because that’s the thing about designing your home, it’s just all too easy to get disorganized and stressed out. So, you need to give yourself time and you need to get all of the planning right. When you nail this part, the execution is easy. Now, you need to get thinking about what it is that you want to design. And what kind of elements you can use to get the best possible look. No matter what kind of budget you have for designing your home, you can turn to the below ten points to make it happen.

1. Pick A Theme

So number one, you’re going to want think about the kind of look that you want for the home overall. This is the very best way to make sure that you get a really cohesive look around the space. You definitely won’t want the decor in your dream house to feel all over the place. So by having a theme like Hollywood glamour or modern minimal will allow you to create a strong look around the entire space.

2. Choose A Color Palette

And then from here, as part of that theme, you’re going to want to make sure that you have a color palette in place. If you have like ten or twenty colors around the house, it may feel a bit chaotic. But, when you have a simple palette of three or four or five shades that you’re continually showing around the house, it will feel so much more together and chic.

3. Think About The Feel Of The Room

Then, the next thing you need to focus on, is the feel of each room. Do you want it to be comfortable and relaxing or motivating and uplifting? When you know what you want to achieve, you can bring in the right elements. From bean bags, the details on that here, to a chaise lounge, you can really set the tone with the right furniture here. So really think about the feeling you’re going for, as then choosing the right elements will feel easier.

4. Be Practical

But on the flip side of that, you also have to be practical. Because each room should have a function. The practical elements aren’t always the most exciting, but it will help you to actually live well in the space. So make sure that you’re staying focused on what you need out of the rooms.

5. Focus On Storage

And before you get ahead of yourself, and you focus on the things in the space that are aesthetic, you will want to make sure that you have enough storage built in. Because if you forget about this, you will find that you start to get a lot of clutter around. So do this in the design or with the furniture you choose.

6. Invest In Small Pieces

So then, no matter how much money you have to spend on this, you’re going to want make sure that you’re about to invest in some pieces. Because it’s fun to know that you can really work on a few special pieces around the home. From your kitchen counters to your fireplace to an antique on the fireplace mantel, think about where you want to invest, and put your budget there.

7. Shop Around

Then, when it comes to everything else, you should definitely make sure that you shop around. There are plenty of affordable home decor places that you can shop, but make sure that you’re comparing prices and options, so that you can always get the best deal. This is so important when you are on a limited budget.

8. Take Your Time

Above all else, just make sure that you do it all in your own time. Don’t feel as if you have to rush to make the house all perfect in a month or just a few. If it takes you a few years, then it takes you a few years. Just make sure that you get it right. Getting the design right is much more important that doing it quickly.

9. Do It Yourself

It’s also handy to remember that you really don’t have to hire experts for everything. You just don’t. There are things that you can do yourself. Sure, you might want a little help with plumbing or electrical work. But why not try and sand things down yourself? Or install new cabinets? Part of the fun in designing your dream home is having a go at doing something yourself and then laughing about your attempts for years to come!

10. Enjoy The Process

And last but not least, you absolutely have to make sure that you can just enjoy the entire process. Because it really is all too easy to let yourself get overwhelmed with everything. But it’s meant to be fun. So why let yourself get dragged down in doing it? Instead, you’re going to want to make sure that you are enjoying picking out the pieces and painting the walls and just building a great home for you and your family.

I hope that these helpful tips give you the guidance you need to start decorating that new home of yours or even your current home if you're looking to update your home appeal. Just remember to stay true to your home's look and feel.

Thank you for stopping by the blog today and always!

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