Making Your Garden An Oasis Of Mental Wellness

You might be wondering why I'm talking gardening again, well in this post its all about how to feel zen in your own outdoor space after its all said and done, isn't that the purpose behind a pretty backyard?

No matter who you are or what you to to make ends meet, there’s a good chance that the hectic modern world gets you down from time to time. The dizzyingly fast pace, the increasingly impersonal nature of human interaction as we spend more time being “social” through machines than face to face and the harsh economic reality that we have to work harder and longer than ever before to earn a crust can make us feel pretty burned out from time to time. Then, of course, there’s the relentless pressure on us not only to be wealthy and successful but to look slender, toned, beautiful and flawless while we do it. While we may be able to keep apace 85% of the time, even the hardiest of us needs to take a step back and center every once in a while.

In an increasingly digitized world it’s telling that nature is proven a potent mood booster, alleviating stress and anxiety and chasing away depression to leave us feeling calmer, happier and more serene. Since, for most of us, the garden is the quickest and easiest way to access nature, here are some ways to make your garden an oasis of mental wellness... 

Make room to sit

You wouldn’t want all of your time spent in the garden to be on your knees maintaining it or striding through it with a lawn mower, could you? Make sure that you have a bench in place where you can sit and relax, read a book or just watch your plants stir gently in the breeze. Make sure you give yourself the best seat in the house to watch the humble theater of nature.

Install a water feature

There are few things more calming and stress relieving than the presence of water. While it may require a little up front investment, installing a water feature can not only give you years of peace and calm but add value to your property. Whether you choose a pond fountain, a fish pond or even just a bird bath, being able to relax with a cup of tea next to the water is a recipe for natural calm. You can read about fountains to weigh up your options and to see what will fit your garden best. If you can combine it with proximity to fish or birds, so much the better! 

Choose perennials that will give you a burst of color all year round

All gardens are lush and beautiful in the summer but when you’re in the throes of autumn and winter, it’s likely that you’ll need a little arboreal cheer to perk you up. Stave off Seasonal Effective Disorder by spending as much time in the garden as you can in the colder months. If you think your garden is a graveyard at this time, use these perennials to provide bursts of color and cheer all year round;

Japanese anemones- Long flowering plants which bloom into beautiful long, purple petals.

Sempervivum- A garden can never have too much green, especially in fall. These beautiful plants will give you a dash of green all year round.

Goldenrod- Common roadside flowers which can liven up even the dreariest corners with a warming glow.

Asters- They look just like daisies and can lend your garden a peaceful and beautiful serenity all year round. 

It doesn’t take much to transform your garden into your own personal peaceful paradise.

Enjoy your space, start now. 

Thank you all for stopping by the blog today and always!


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