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We’d all love to have beautiful gardens with stunning features. But all too often, we end up with a dirty patch of grass, a shed, and a patio that has seen better days. Or neither, but we can dream can't we and plant ahead, which is how I tend to keep myself motivated.

But not to worry: If you're lucky enough to have one, there are dozens of things that you can do to spruce up your garden and make your home extra attractive. 

Take a look at some of these ideas.

Wicker Light Balls

One of the best ways to #pimp your garden, especially at night, is to use wicker light balls. Or any string lights really. You can either buy these ready-made (the expensive option), or make them yourself using a balloon, some flexible cane, and fairy lights.

Wicker light balls can be hung from trees, or suspended above seating areas in your garden to give a magical feel to the setting. Ideal for summer parties, you can make them in just an afternoon. Just make sure you use battery-powered LED fairy lights. Otherwise, you’ll be forever tripping over cables.

Build A Pond

Ponds are more than just a garden feature. They serve as the center of the ecosystem for your garden, helping to attract many more creatures. The higher the variety of animals that live in your yard, the greater the biodiversity and the more sustainable your garden will become.

Fill your pond with fish like Japanese koi and make sure to feed them every day if the pond is small. Then wait and watch as more and more creatures are attracted to your backyard. Surround the pond with reeds so that frogs and other amphibians can safely hide away from predators while not in the water. You could even turn your pond into a water garden using lilies and other aquatic plants.

At our previous townhome we actually had a #KoiPond and it was a favorite feature of ours considering how small our backyard space was it really added that spectacular feature most small backyards need. You don't need a big outdoor space to make it beautiful.

Turn Old Clothes Pegs Into Planters

Rather than going to the garden center every weekend to look for new planters for your herbs, why not make your own? Do you have an old set of wooden pegs lying around that you don’t use anymore? If so, why not use them to make something practical: like a pot for your rosemary and thyme.

They’re easy to make. All you’ll need is a tuna can and about 24 pegs for each planter. Just remove the lid and the tuna from the can so that you have an open tin. Then take the pegs and clip them onto the rim, side by side. Before long, you’ll have a sturdy, yet attractive planter than you can put anywhere in your garden.

Upcycle An Old Bike

Old bicycles have a certain mystique about them which modern versions lack. They’re artistic and remind us of a time gone by. Often, they are used by businesses to signal that they are trendy and relaxed.

You can use old bicycles in your garden too, especially if your yard is a bit featureless. Take an old bike, especially one with a front basket, and find ways to cover it in flowers. The bicycle services as a kind of hanging garden, with all sorts of places you can mount new flower beds. The best places are the front basket, pedals, rear pannier hangar and inside the rims.

Transform Your Garden Shed

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Even if you have a beautiful, vibrant garden, a miserable garden #shed can still ruin the party. But sorting out a drab-looking outbuilding is often as easy as grabbing a couple of buckets of paint from the hardware store and changing the color.

If you really want to pimp your garden, avoid settling for safe colors. Try using bright greens, oranges, reds, purples, and blues. You’ll be surprised just how well they go with the rest of your garden, especially if they are next to flower beds.

Do a check of the roof of your shed and make sure that it is in good condition. If it is not you will need to call in roofing contractors to assist you. Make sure that you select a company with good credentials and an affordable cost. Shop around to make sure you select the right roofer. 

Pimp Out Your Greenhouse

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#Greenhouses are important, not just because they allow you to grow food, but also because they are a reason for getting out into the garden in the first place.

It’s harder to modify the exterior appearance of a greenhouse, thanks to the all-glass construction. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t pimp your garden by growing exciting plants on the inside.

The trick to a beautiful greenhouse is to keep the exterior windows as clean as possible. Then all the bright and beautiful plants growing inside can be easily seen. Pick varieties of edible plants with brightly colored produce. Tomatoes, squash, and berries are all ideal.

If you want to crank up the luxury, then adding a pool into your garden is the best way to do it. Imagine dipping your toes into the water on a warm summer morning or late into the evening. 

Swimming pools in the garden are also the best thing to get in an early morning workout without having to leave the house! Find a swimming pool builder in your area and cook a chat with them to get exactly what you want.

Finally, you can also make your outbuildings more interesting by surrounding them with smart landscaping. Raised beds and paths that weave from one part of the garden to another create a sense of magic that’s hard not to fall in love with.

I love all the inspiration you can find for your outdoor spaces, and I personally cannot wait to pimp out our own small yet quaint space and one day our even bigger backyard. Happy outdoor pimpin' friends!!

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