Spooky Scary Skeletons: How To Make This Halloween The Best One Yet

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Halloween is just around the corner. Countdown is 2 days. It’s a time of real celebration for most people, but unfortunately some might not put the effort into this as they would Christmas. That’s a shame, because for very little cost you can have a wonderful Halloween and some real silly fun with your closest friends. Of course, some families with children or the elderly might choose to have a fairly understated Halloween.

It’s not a mark of a successful celebration to feel terrified. It’s easy to notice the gore and disgusting body horror found in supermarket masks on sale around this time, and feel a little sad that the core of Halloween is somehow being missed there. While Halloween is a celebration of cultural lore and the feeling of fear, it shouldn’t be an unpleasant time. You’re allowed to enjoy it, depending on your tolerance of fear and whimsy.

I’ve decided to put together a simple list to help you make the most of Halloween this year, to truly embody the spirit of this holiday which is our second favorite.


Of course, Halloween isn’t always what it is without at least trying to watch a scary film. You might decide to watch a classic with your children such as Eddie Murphy’s Haunted House, or perhaps The Little Vampire. There are many movies out there with entertainment as the main idea, so keeping your stoic viewing of the horrific adult films can come later. However, there have been many excellent horror movies for adults that you might want to try if you can stomach them. 

I’d recommend watching IT, the Stephen King reboot, or perhaps watching through The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix. It might also be worth checking A Quiet Place or Hereditary, two of the best films of this year. The best horror films know how to balance fear with excellent writing, and should never sacrifice one for the other. Of course, if you aren’t a horror fan, you might consider watching a dark thriller film, something like Prisoners with Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal.

Movies can bring people together on Halloween night, and are much cheaper than any other outdoor activity.


However, it is is of course very important to consider the events you might want to take part in. Collarado Info offers some of the best seasonal activities on their website, so be sure to check it out. Events range from simple seasonal parties to more curated shows. Trick or treating is of course better when arranged in a certain area also, and so looking for something like this could be tremendously worthwhile.

It’s important to consider the social aspects of Halloween. Sometimes allowing your children to have a few friends over for a sleepover can help them celebrate this holiday, but be sure to verify any movies or activities they take part in with the parents, and even invite them for the evening if appropriate. Bonding can help you feel secure and calm considering the theoretical witches flying around outside.

Costumes & Dress-Up

Of course, there’s nothing better than dressing up at Halloween! While Christmas comes with its sweaters and comfortable clothing, Halloween is the time we can have the most fun. Also, dressing your kids up in fun Halloween outfits can also help THEM feel like the creepy, funny monsters, rather than worrying about those outside.

Dressing up can be fun and creative! There’s no reason for anyone to dress up in a scary outfit. A Spiderman outfit is as valid as Frankenstein’s monster. Dressing up can be as creative or as easy as you like it, but often spending a couple of hours crafting at a table, or doing face paints, can be fun for the whole family! Halloween is usually what you make of it, as there aren’t any traditional flows such as those on Christmas day. However, if you do decide to make the most of it you can have some real fun, and really flex your artistic talents.

Party Food

While Halloween food isn’t quite as completely segmented and stable as Christmas traditions, you might decide to have some fun with it. This can serve as an awesome baking opportunity, giving you the chance to craft some spider-decorated fairy cakes, or perhaps oozing chocolate treats.

Simple party food can work great in your household, even if you’re just staying in with your family. A little indulgence in sugar and juices can also go a long way, but just be prepared for your children bouncing up and down off the walls due to how hyper they’ll become. If you have the time, cooking a beautiful meal with the help of your children can work wonders, or simply heading out for a special meal if you haven’t any. The grounding principle of any important holiday is the food you share, so it can be extremely important to make this the main event.


It’s time to have real fun with decorations! Of course, a carved pumpkin is absolutely one of the best things you might do. Consider having a carving competition in your house for the members of the family that are old enough, or do your children’s with express instruction from them.

However, there is much more you might choose to purchase and enjoy when decorating your home. It might be that you choose false spider cobwebs to place on the top of your furniture, or simple fairy lights in jars are enough to give that ethereal look. Purchasing a bunch of cheap decorations can truly help the home seem in-theme, but be careful when bringing your family around the decorations section of most department stores, as it seems to be the trend that many house quite grotesque offerings that could scare certain relatives.


Of course, trick or treating isn’t quite what it used to be. Tricks rarely happen, and that’s something to be thankful for. However, preparing your home with plenty of wrapped candies and treats can be worthwhile when having your door knocked on by young ones. 

With these simple tips, you’re sure to have the best Halloween night possible!

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