What To Pack For A Fall Getaway

At the beginning of the 20th century, when nobody knew that SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – existed, most doctors would recommend spending a few days in nature at the beginning of the fall season. The idea was that patients needed to soothe their nerves in the fresh air. Surprisingly enough, the doctors of the previous century were not far off from the truth. Spending a lot of time outdoors as the days get shorter is the safest way to tackle a seasonal disorder. You need to refuel your body with positive energy – in other words, you need plenty of direct sun exposure. However, a fall getaway leaves many travelers confused. You can’t pack a bag full of shorts and tees, but similarly, you can’t just take your beanie and snow boots either. 

Here are some tips to pack light and practical!

Where are you going?

The idea behind a fall getaway is to spend as much time outdoors as you can. Brunswick, Maine, is a great spot for anybody who wants to leave their modern urban lives behind. This historic village combines the best of New England charm and plenty of colorful state parks. Hiking lovers should pick safe outdoors areas, such as Cathedral Pines Preserve in Connecticut – ideally, you don’t want to risk stumbling across vast areas of moldy leaves and dead branches as they might serve as a nest for wildlife in fall. 

Cozy clothes that don’t make you look like a tourist

The problem with being a tourist is that you attract the attention of potential pickpockets and other criminals who are quick to take advantage. In other words, keeping your outfit low key and casual is your best bet. Simple denim jeans or maxi dresses paired with a cardigan are all you need if you’re visiting a new town. You’ll find that a pair of flat boots or comfortable trainers will get you covered. Admittedly, hikers need to pack appropriate clothing for their outdoors adventures! 

Your rescue beauty pack

The crisp cool air in fall can dry and irritate your skin, especially if you’ve been spending most of your days indoors until your holiday. Additionally, spending more time outside means that you need to protect your skin against the sun – you can catch a sunburn in fall and winter too! Consequently, you need to pack a variety of beauty products in your toiletry bag to tackle the weather challenges. Start with a tube of sunscreen – SPF30 is a minimum for your days out. You should also get a skin moisturizer with you – rosehip oil is a good product for all dry and itchy skin complaints. Pack a small cleanser in sachet too, and makeup wipes if you’re intended to bring a handful of makeup products. However, if you want to make the most of your fall break, go makeup free to help your skin relax in the sun. 

Your fall getaway break is all about relaxing, enjoying sunny days – and some rainy ones too – and preparing your body for the winter slump. As you’ll spend time outdoors, you need to pack clothes that won”t stand out for your destination. Don’t forget to bring protective skin products too, from moisturizers to sunscreen. 

Happy Fall travels!!

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