A Divinely Different Christmas: How to Shake Things up This Year

Every year Christmas rolls around in the blink of an eye and you end up doing the same old thing you have always done. You decorate the tree with the same decorations, you have the same stresses about cooking the dinner on time and your children have the same sugar rushes when they eat all of their stocking sweets for breakfast. This year you’re ready to make a much needed change to the way your household operates, whether you go on a family vacation, change the way you give gifts or invite more people round to your home. There are so many ways that you can all have a divinely different Christmas this year, so explore all of your options right now. There is nothing better than having a fun filled festive season bursting with new experiences. Get your entire family on board and show them all of the different ways you can celebrate the holidays, whether you’re giving back to the community or reconnecting with distant relatives; you are bound to have a wonderful day no matter how you spend it.

Seek out Some Winter Sun

Perhaps your family hate the chilly breeze that floats through the air at this time of year. When some people are making snowmen in the garden you are all huddled up in front of the fire wishing for the sun to shine. Why not jet off for some winter sun this Christmas instead of donning your woolen scarves and hats? Carlsbad in San Diego has a Mediterranean climate and you will find a shining sun in the sky for over three quarters of the year. Look for places to stay in Carlsbad ca and you could wake up on Christmas morning to the shimmering Pacific Ocean rather than unwelcoming white snow. Enjoy a relaxing retreat with your nearest and dearest without having to worry about the crazy Christmas clean up at the end of the day. Whether you’re hoping for a rental home or a budget friendly hotel, you will find something to suit your family right away. The only things you will need to pack are your swimsuits and sunscreen, because it is bound to be one of the most relaxing Christmases you have ever had as a family.

Go Out for Christmas Dinner

If you aren’t quite prepared enough to head off on a vacation this year, then why not choose to eat out for Christmas dinner? Every year you spend hours slaving behind the stove feeling the pressure more than ever. Whether you’re trying to impress the in laws or work around the kid’s eating schedule, cooking for a tonne of people is never easy. There are so many beautiful restaurants open at this time of year, so get your table booked and take the stresses away. You will probably end up saving a lot of money too, as everybody will need to pay for their own meals. Eating out for Christmas dinner is a budget friendly option that will make your day a little different and special.

Help the Homeless

Your children probably don’t realize how lucky they are when they wake up to piles of presents on Christmas morning. There are so many homeless people who struggle to get a hot meal, let alone any presents. Why not offer to volunteer at your local shelter this Christmas day and ensure everyone in your local community has a delicious meal and kind person to talk to. Getting the kids involved will open up the eyes to how fortunate their lives are too.

Say No to Gifts

Every year the people in your family spend a fortune on gifts that often get pushed aside and forgotten about. This year it might be time to say no to gifts or reduce the number of presents you give dramatically. This will reduce your costs for the festive season in a huge way and it also ensures you aren’t being wasteful.

Reconnect with Distant Family and Friends

Why not invite some of your distant family and friends round to your home this Christmas? Perhaps they haven’t seen you in a long time or they are going through a difficult take. Opening up your home to the people who really matter is what Christmas is all about, so see what your family can do this year.

Become a Host for an Elderly Neighbor

If you know you have elderly neighbors living next door, then you might want to be their host for Christmas day. Many people might be spending Christmas day alone this year, so make sure you are thinking about the lonely people in your area. Setting one extra place at your dinner table really won’t cause you too much trouble, but it could mean the world to somebody else in need.

When you change up the way you celebrate Christmas it can show your family the true meaning of this time of year. Giving back to the people in your community or trying out a new tradition will provoke curious questions from your little ones. They will soon be able to learn that Christmas is much more than receiving presents and eating copious amounts of chocolates. This time of year can be incredibly lonely and sad for many people, especially when they aren’t as fortunate as the rest of us. Perhaps your family went through bereavement at this time of year and going on a vacation helps you to forget your sadness for a short while. 

So do whatever you can do to make your Christmas more memorable and special this year; your children will thank you for opening up their minds and hearts from such an early age. Sit down with your family over the next couple of days and think about what you would like to do this festive season. Instead of the same old traditions that have outgrown your family, it’s time to do something a little bit different. 

Enjoy your divinely different Christmas this year, with all of the people who are closest to you.

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