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Our family master bathroom, gets used more than any other room, probably gets its fair share of use, I should say. Especially in the mornings, it has to accommodate showers and baths for everyone. That sink gets used at least ten times a day, if not more, with a family of four. And, that’s before we even get into the nitty gritty, such as the toilet. It should come as no surprise, that most bathrooms in family homes soon start to look a little tired.

When we’re tired, we look pale and lifeless. The spark goes out of our eyes, and we don’t have the energy to put into looking our best. The same thing can happen in your bathroom. After endless mornings and evenings of accommodating you all, it may no longer have the energy to do your decor justice. The floor may start to look worn where it gets stepped on most often. The paint on the walls may well begin to flake from all that exposure to never-ending steam. And, the list goes on. And on. And on. Is it any wonder, then, that ours and your bathroom has quickly turned into the one space in your home which you aren’t proud of? it has been for me. Personally its the one room in the whole house that I have yet to tackle since we bought it back in 2015. 

Having guests around to admire a stylish living room, but do you cringe when they ask to use the bathroom? Well luckily for us our guest bathroom (half bath) is in decent condition and its normally the one guests use. But if you answered yes, then it’s a sure sign you need to take action. Check out my half bath makeover here for affordable ideas.

Of course, giving your bathroom a break isn’t an option. Life goes on, and this is a practical space we all need. Hence, taking out the faucets and replacing the bathtub probably aren't an option. Still, that doesn’t mean we can’t spruce things up a little to put the spark back into our spaces. Think of this as a relaxing spa break for this hard-working room. All you need to do is apply these treatments then watch as the results make an impact.

Wash it all away 

Swimming is a conventional and effective spa treatment. Of course, your bathroom has had quite enough water to last it a lifetime. That’s partially why this issue occurred in the first place. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still wash away some of the damage to refresh this room. If your bathroom paint is peeling, it might be time to clear it all away. 

First, of course, you’ll need to either strip or sand those walls. Rather than repainting the surface, consider tiling it instead. Tiles are more durable than paint. Excessive moisture won’t make any difference to them whatsoever. Not only will this wash your bathroom walls clean, but it also ensures you never need to worry here again. Texture and patterned tiles are stylish and quite a statement at the moment. You could go all out with a funky design to really put the life back into the space. Or, you could settle for basic designs which are guaranteed to stand the test of time. Either way, you can bet your efforts here will have your bathroom looking good again in no time. 

Administer a body treatment

Body treatments are some of our favorite spa options of all.  Nothing quite rejuvenates like a massage which works through those knots. When it comes to bodywork in your bathroom, though, you should focus on things like your counter tops. After excessive use, these can start looking worn and faded. Or plain old. In extreme cases, you may even find that the coating on plastic counters begins to peel. Replacing counters like these is a simple move. Still, it could be the most efficient way to breathe new life into this space. By looking into options like the granite countertop designs, you could even incorporate a material here which literally sparkles. Options like marble are also a good bet. The main thing to bear in mind here is that you want durable materials which, again, aren’t susceptible to damp. Whatever you do, avoid wood! A few months of heavy family use would be all it took to see a material like that at the end of its tether. 

Get the lasers out 

While less common, some spas also now offer laser treatments for rejuvenation. In a roundabout way, you could provide the same in your bathroom by focusing on your lighting. Tired lighting could stop even your efforts thus far from having the desired effect. You could say, then, that taking care of this is pretty essential. For one, you need to do away with that tired old exposed bulb. This stark lighting choice adorns a vast amount of bathrooms, and it’s never a good option. If you’re up for the task, it would pay to replace this with spotlights which will cast a much better light on the room. If that’s too much work, at least invest in a bathroom-friendly light shade to soften that glow a little. Think, also, about providing low lighting. You can achieve this with things like mirror lights. These could refresh this space more than you know, as well as hiding a multitude of sins. 

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Give the space a facial

Last but not least, we have the classic facial. This is a final spa step to ensure users look bright and chirpy on the face of things. When giving your bathroom a facial you may want to consider the accessories you use here. These are surface additions which can brighten bathroom appearance at no end. Consider investing in new towel racks if yours need some updating. Refresh those bathroom mirrors. It may even pay to put a few ornaments to add a touch of style to the room. You could even add hooks on the back of the door, and adorn them with your family dressing gowns. This would add both energy and practicality. Either way, have fun with this part, the decorating is the truly the icing on the cake. Think about investing in accessories which are sure to wake up your bathroom once and for all. Each of these steps are relatively easy to tackle. You don’t need to go all out with extreme work. All you need to do is consider small ways you can wake your family bathroom up again. 

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