Baby It's Cold Outside, But You Should Open Those Back Doors Anyway

We all know that we should spend time outside. It’s good for reducing our stress levels and generally making us feel good about ourselves. Oh, and it’s pretty useful when it comes to our health, too. Getting a decent amount of fresh air on a daily basis can invigorate us like little else. Sadly, despite these essential benefits, many of us fail to spend any time in our backyards from one week to the next. This is especially the case when winter rolls around.

In reality, locking yourself away for the duration of those winter months can do real damage to both your mental and physical health. By the time spring makes itself known, you could well be scratching at the walls. You certainly won’t feel your usual jolly self. Hence why you should make an effort to get outside regardless of the weather. This small step will ensure that you stay bright no matter the time of year. Still, it’s easier said than done. That’s why you need to give yourself an incentive to get outside regardless. Luckily, we have a few ideas which should see you cracking open your backdoor even through the coldest weather. 

A beautiful seating area

One of the simplest things you can do is to create an outside seating area. You could go all out with this by incorporating a patio, or buy furniture and find a place for it in your garden as is. Your best bet would be to invest in a table and chairs which at least provide you with an incentive to eat outside. By incorporating both lighting and heating methods around that furniture, you can even make this work as the nights draw in. Imagine how cozy it would be to have meals outside when there’s frost all around.

A swimming pool you can’t resist splashing around in

Incorporating a swimming pool provides you with another fantastic incentive to get outside. Even better, this can do more for your health than that fresh air alone. You can also invest in swimming pool heaters to keep yourself using this through these winter months. Companies like Unique Companies offer all manner of cool pools which could see your garden getting double the use it does normally. How could you resist at least a daily dip if you had one of these calling your name every day?

Vegetables which need your attention

If you don’t fancy going that far, why not plant vegetables which need ongoing attention? As much as you may still want to shut those doors and snuggle up, you’ll have no choice but to get out and care for your veg patch. How else can you expect them to survive? Admittedly, there may be some days when you don’t have to do anything more than a quick watering session, but that’s all it takes. This alone could give you a fix of the outdoors. The chances are that you’d find more to distract you once you got outside anyway. 

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