Homegating With Spicy Buffalo Cauliflower Bites | Recipe Included

I must say, ever since #homegating became a thing, which I've also been blogging about now for a couple of years, I'm all about football season without the football.

To be honest it has only enhanced the love that I have for the Fall season all together. Its been the most inspiring especially when it comes to recipes or food in general. This recipe I'm sharing today is definitely an inspired one but one that I could not pass up in sharing with you, here. Or pass up in making it for the family.

Its also now one of my favorites in fact. Thankfully I have the blog to refer back to for making these recipes so I don't have to keep a huge binder around, so let's just add it to the list shall we. Plus it's healthy, easy and delicious. Need I say more.

The perfect bite size snack for before, during and after the game. All throughout sounds about right. You'll keep going back for more, guilt free.

Do you homegate? Do you prefer to host or be hosted? I personally love watching anything from the comfort of home and host at the same time, although heading to a friends house for the same comfort is fun too. At the end of the day, we have fans of the food, the game or both and everyone has a good time. 

When I saw these paper stock snack bowls "Game Day & Mimosas" and "The Big Game" cups from Target in their Dollarspot section, they spoke to me, especially the colors. They scream Fall and Football don't they? Mimosas speak to me all the time, therefore incorporating these with food and game day Sunday were a must!

We love to entertain, but I love to entertain my little family even more. Given the opportunity to turn any occasion into a party is my thing. Why not? Celebrating life at every moment I get.
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