Snow Day! Family Activities To Try This Weekend

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Ahh snow day! A day we all used to look forward to as children because it meant that with any luck the school would be closed down for the whole day and we could play with our friends. The good news is that often snow days will still happen for us as adults, and if you find a day or two where you can’t reach work, here are some ideas for activities to enjoy with the kids.


One of the easiest activities you can try when the snow hits is sledding down the hill in your local park or dragging the kids behind you in a sled in the back garden. Sleds can be found at most stores at this time of the year but you can also think about getting a large bin lid or something similar and tying string around it instead! And if you have a dog, see if you can get them to ride on it too because it will just be too funny to miss!


Whether you have a skiing centre near your house or not, you can enjoy a day of skiing with your family on a snow day in the local park and you can spend the time teaching your kids how to balance on there skates. It can be a super fun way to spend the day and you’ll likely end up with a lot of snow all over you as you try to keep your balance!

Riding a snowmobile

If you really want to get the whole hog this winter and have some real heart racing fun, a great idea would be to get vail snowmobile rentals and bring a snowmobile home with you to play with for the day. It will be something everyone is fighting over but it will be an awesome way to spend the day!

Snowball fight

What could be better than a day playing in the snow? A snowball fight, of course! There are two ways you can play this out: you can either go for the classic fight where everyone just runs around like crazy… or you can try something more put together. Think about making little snow barricades and splitting into teams and then giving yourself some time to make as many snowballs as you can. You can then start the fight and see who is the last one standing! It can be a funny way to spend the day with your family.

Build a snow family

Now that you have enough snow to actually play around with, it is the perfect time to follow in the Simpsons’ path and make a snow family on the front lawn. Get yourself some black pebbles, carrots and scarves and have fun creating a family out of snow to guard the house! You can even bring some unique accessories to each one so you know who is meant to be who… and of course make sure you don’t forget to make a snow dog too!

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