Up Front And Personal: What Does It Take To Make A Practical And Attractive Front Yard?

As far as the idea of curb appeal is concerned, we can focus on the house as being the main event at the front, and the garden as the highlight of the rear, but what can communicate to potential buyers or passersby that your house is of great quality, is the front garden. We probably see this more than the back garden, because we leave our front door, go to the car, and perhaps we are constantly reminded of that shoddy grass work or paving slabs that really need to be sorted, so let's take the opportunity to create a beautiful and stylish front garden.

Make It Fit In The Larger Context

Every residential street has a look, and when we are renovating the front garden, the temptation can be to make it as unique as possible. Instead, you have to make it fit within the confines of the street. If you turn your front garden into something palatial, but the rest of the street doesn't have the same vibrancy, you're going to stand out for the wrong reasons. Keep within the tone of the street. This doesn't mean you should undersell yourself, but think about the style of the street as a whole entity. If numerous properties have that rustic countryside look, you can enter this by installing a straight line fence or providing a cornucopia of shrubbery with different colors that adds vibrancy. While we want to make our house appear amazing, it's important that we don't overdo it.

A Plan For All Seasons

If you plan on installing flower beds, reseeding the grass, and making your exterior bright, you have to give thought to the practicalities of maintaining this, especially when the seasons and weather can change so much. This depends on where you are in the world, but you need to think about how you are able to maintain these. You don't want to plant flowers that won’t survive a harsh winter. Think about flowers like calendulas, winter jasmine or wintergreen boxwood as a starting point.

Consider Your Maintenance

As wonderful as a front garden looks, the act of maintaining it is something we’ve got to weigh up. If you are after low maintenance options, but you still want the attractive landscape, the general idea is the harder your landscaping is, such as paving or bricks, the less maintenance you will have to worry about. By all means, we can make life easier for ourselves by going down this route, but you can run the risk of making the property look sterile and somewhat unoriginal. Gravel is, in many ways, a good compromise in this respect, especially as slabs are very expensive. But this can still give you the opportunity to decorate the front garden as you want.

A stylish front garden is, unsurprisingly, never-ending as far as the options are concerned, but when working at making this front garden a key part of your curb appeal, it's vital that you make sure it fits in the wider context.

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Hopefully you find these tips helpful for keeping your front yards in ship shape. Definitely use Pinterest as a main source for inspiration. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest, you can find my page here.

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