4 Natural Health Ingredients You Need To Add To Your Diet

With the new year upon us we're all or most of us are looking forward to putting these indulging days behind us. Eventually.

Detoxing, eating better, exercising.... you name it, we're all making plans for a better us come 2019.

When you’re looking at advice on how to stay healthy, there’s always so many more obvious things to consider. Don’t eat fatty foods, exercise more etc.

Everybody knows that those are the easiest ways to stay healthy and it takes a lot of hard work. There’s no magic pill that you can take which is going to make you instantly healthy. But there are some ingredients that come close.

These are the 4 health ingredients that everybody should add to their diet right now.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the most popular ingredients there is at the moment and people are using it for so many different things. You can use it on your skin and hair with great results but it’s best used as an alternative to cooking oil. Normal cooking oil isn’t great for you and if you’re frying stuff in it all of the time, it’s not doing you any good. But if you swap it out with coconut oil, you can make your meals a lot healthier with that one simple change.


Garcinia is a fruit that you probably haven’t heard of before and it might be a bit tricky to get hold of, but if you can, easiest to find as a supplement actually, then you should definitely add it to your diet because it has some great health benefits.

It blocks the body’s ability to create fat and it can lower your cholesterol as well. It’s best used alongside apple cider vinegar for the best results. Adam Kemp explains garcinia and apple cider and how you can use them together to improve your health on his website. It’s not the easiest thing to get hold of but it’s worth paying for if you can find it somewhere.

Aloe Vera

You might have used skin products with Aloe Vera in them before but have you ever thought about drinking it? Not the skin products, the Aloe Vera. It really helps with your digestion, especially if you eat a lot of dairy and gluten which most people tend to do. There are some great aloe vera drinks that you can pick up from most good supermarkets pretty cheap.

Having one every couple of days could really help you digest food better and lose weight.

And last but not least ....


Cinnamon is a great ingredient that adds a little spice to savory dishes, deserts or even a cup of coffee. But did you know that it’s also great for your health as well? It’s been proven to curb feelings of hunger so if you add a bit of cinnamon to your diet, you’ll be far less likely to snack. It also helps your body to absorb carbohydrates a lot lower by stopping the insulin spike that your body normally goes through after you’ve eaten.

That means that when you eat a meal with cinnamon in it, you’ll stay fuller for longer and your body will make better use of that energy, meaning you can start eating less.

If you add these ingredients to your diet, you can manage health problems naturally instead of reaching for medication right away. Consider a few or all of these ingredients and watch your health take a turn for the better and your diet too.

In all health and wellness, always glad you're here to read and visit!

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