Careers That Can Really Benefit Your Family

With the new year approaching, we tend to start looking back and really analyze and appreciate all the memories and the things we actually accomplished in the current year.  I personally love to do that and then I also start to slowly start making a list of personal goals.  Including all the other lists like career goals, home renovation goals, etc.

I have dreams that I envision and dreams I truly want to see come true in my lifetime especially when it comes to providing for my family but not just financially. Now having the opportunity to work from home given this year's circumstances, we might as well take the advantage and get creative.

So today I'm sharing a few career moves that I've come to learn are truly beneficial to your family in the long run, if you're also starting to think of ways to improve or change to create a career for yourself this coming year, keep reading.

When we have a family, the career that we pursue tends to benefit them in one main way - it provides an income that keeps the roof over their heads, heats the property, fills them with food, and offers other little luxuries too. This, of course, is extremely important. But have you ever considered that there are careers out there that can benefit your family in other ways too? Here are a few to consider!

A Teacher

Teaching is a greatly rewarding career. You help kids from all sorts of backgrounds to learn, pursue their dreams, and achieve their goals. If you teach kindergarten, you encourage play and general social skills. At elementary level, you teach the basics to get by in day to day life, like reading and writing. Further on, you begin to specialize, teaching specific subject areas and nurturing genuine interests. This is all great! But if you are a teacher and your own little ones, you also get to benefit from educating your own kids in a way that will help them to make their way through school with a lot more support. If they are struggling with their homework, you will have the knowledge to help them work it out. You will also know how the school system works and can teach them how to gain the most marks in exams. You won’t ever have to fork out for a private tutor!

A Care Taker

If a member of your family has a long term disability or health condition that impedes their quality of life or independence, then you are probably more than familiar with just how much help they need to live a comfortable day to day existence. Chances are that a carer or other individual is hired to look after them and support them while you are out at work making sufficient money to keep the house ticking over and to meet their basic needs and healthcare needs. This can be heartbreaking, as you don’t want to be away from them, but needs must. However, have you ever considered becoming their official and professional carer? Of course, becoming a caregiver is a difficult job, but when you are assigned to care for your loved one, it usually becomes a pleasure. This way, you can spend time with them without having to worry about financial difficulty or hardship, as you will be earning a wage in the process.

A Chef

Being a chef can be relatively stressful. You work in a high pressure environment and either have to take all sorts of demands or give all sorts of demands. You will be meeting tiny deadlines constantly throughout the day in order to ensure that everything is perfectly cooked and that it’s out to customers hot and on time. But you also get to pick up all sorts of tips and tricks that create delicious meals that people are willing to pay money for. You can take these skills to the kitchen at home and provide your family with great food every evening!

A Nutritionist

On a similar wavelength, but with much less pressure, you could become a nutritionist. In this role, you learn all about different human bodies’ needs and how to fulfill them with a healthy and balanced diet. If your little ones or partner start eating unhealthily or putting a little too much weight on, you will be able to easily come up with individual plans that will set them back on the right track.

A Hairdresser

If you are creative and enjoy hands on jobs, a hairdressing role might prove great for you. You get to meet all sorts of people and help them to create a perfect look for themselves. Whether this is something as simple as providing a trim and blow dry or completely recreating their aesthetic with braiding, shaving, dyeing, or elaborate up-dos. Now, when you have a full family, haircuts can quickly mount up, costing a small fortune. If you’re trained in doing this yourself, you can simply bring out your hairdressing scissors and clippers, sit each family member down and do the job yourself to a high standard.

An Accountant

Accounting is a lucrative career that can see you make a whole lot of money to provide your family with a good quality of life. But the skills are transferable. You could use your accounting skills to deal with your family’s accounts without having to get another accountant to do them on your behalf. Of course, this position will take a lot of training, but it could prove worth it in the long run.

A Contractor

There are plenty of hands on jobs that people have to complete around the home - that’s why there’s high demand for professionals who can carry out home repairs. Whether this is plumbing, electrics, or general DIY. Now, you will need to choose an area to specialize in. You will need to study, become qualified, and get a little practice in. But once you’re up and running, jobs should come piling in. You can also use your skills to fix up any problems that you may have at home yourself!

A Blogger

I can speak to this career move personally.  I know a lot of bloggers who live off of this income alone.  I of course wish that were my case, but its different for everyone.  And this day in age, there are more than there was 10 years ago.  But its definitely a fun career move if you love sharing all the things or ONE thing that truly interests you.  The best part is that your family can easily benefit from it too, with the flexible schedule it allows and the perks (if you're open to them) come with being a blogger.

Independently on the career that you have picked for yourself, with enough motivation and hard work, you can achieve the results desired. Indeed, it is much easier to progress and put your heart and soul into a project if you love what you do!

However, once you have realized that you are most definitely on the right career and life path, it is essential to be wise about your finances. Indeed, this is the key to having the savings you need to, one day, enlarge your company, grow further, or even invest. 

And, luckily, technology is on our side for this! You can leverage apps or a finance website that allows you to keep track of what you are spending - and make your money work a little harder for you!

These are just a few different roles that can endow you with skills that can be brought home to significantly benefit your family, rather than solely proving beneficial for your employer or clients. Take them into consideration this coming year and make it one of your many goals!

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