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You’re getting ready to go for a night out and just as you’re about to walk out the door you spot something. Yes, you literally spot something. A small pimple just under your chin where you can only see it if you’re up close, is staring back at you. And then you look again, in the crease of your nostrils, you have another small red pimple. You look even more careful now to avoid missing anymore. No doubt by now you’re thinking how on earth could this even happen?!

You have a skincare routine which you are always sticking to every day so what could you be doing wrong? Well, you need a routine or incorporate bits of a routine that is specifically designed to handle pimple prevention.

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Prevention is far better than the cure. When you have to treat pimples there’s no way to hide it. You have to sit with cream on your face and you obviously cannot go out like that in public. But when you’re simply keeping the germs that create pimples away, you can go about your normal life like you always do.

Be a little rough

Being too soft on your face is bad for you but being tough rough is also bad for you. You need to find a little balance so that you can be just rough enough to dig out any bacteria in your pores without making small cuts. Small cuts can easily lead to pimple growth but allowing germs to accumulate even without a cut also gets the same results. Instead you need to get yourself some kind of scrubber made from hibiscus. This material is brilliant, it's natural and it's coarse but it's not harsh. Use this material along with your soap and cleansers to gently flush out any problems that could be arising. You need your skin to be moved around a little rough, so it can repair, send new blood to stagnant areas and also get rid of the dead skin cells.

Dead cells are food

If you don’t wash your face for a few days, you’re almost guaranteed to get have pimples grow on your face fairly quickly. Bacteria loves to feast on dead skin cells. The waste product that the bacteria creates can often cause small infections which lead to pimples. So consider buy face wash online which can provide you with a cleansing balm, as well as a pore wash gel. With these kinds of face washes, you can get rid of dead skin cells easily. With the subtle acidic nature and natural ingredients, you can even pry away skin cells that have died but new cells have grown around or on them. These kinds of patches are often strange in tone. Just washing your face with water alone is not going to prevent pimples, you need something that will shovel away cells that could be food for germs.

Once you have pimples it takes a couple or few days to get rid of them. This is constant battle which we should never lose. If you work on preventing pimples from growing in the first place, you won’t need to figure out the best treatment later. Although it can be inevitable at times, so make sure to stick to your cleansing routine for the best treatment.

So let's keep that acne at bay at least until after the holidays! 

Till next time!

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