My Coolsculpting Post-Experience with LaserAway + Video

LaserAway has been a dream to work with and I'm excited to finally share this post with you all.

Truth is I'm petite only 5'2' to be exact and after kids I've been able to fit into a size 2.  Except the last 5 years I've been more of a size 4 or 6 just really depends on how dedicated I've been to sticking to an active lifestyle.

Throughout the years after kids my weight kept fluctuating like a yo-yo due to lack of working out and then getting back into it. Keeping the weight off the last 5 years has been hard and the scale wouldn't move, hence I felt stuck and in a rut, maybe my metabolism was just not having it, not sure, either way I'm Hispanic and weight isn't easy to keep off no matter what.  I love a healthy lifestyle and I've always appreciated how good it feels after a good workout and personally I love the rush.

The last few months I've been maintaining my workout regimen like normal, pushing harder some days and taking it easy on myself on others, but I changed a lot of how I've been eating.  I've cut out bad carbs and by cutting out bread & grains completely.  Its made a world of difference on my weight, I'm down to almost what I'm most comfortable with and I feel great even my self esteem is improving.

With that said, I love my body but my inner thighs have become a problem and noticed that no matter how hard I tend to work on my inner thighs, they're being stubborn.  They call this stubborn fat.  

Wearing bathing suits over the summer is hard because I'm very self conscious about my inner thighs already having the post baby stretch marks and then of course how they refuse to tone out, losing that excess fat hasn't come easy.  Genetically, my body doesn’t tone easily. My stomach is the most flattering area of my body for sure, still working on the six pack of course, but the extremities of the rest of my body resist the toning. It becomes frustrating when you work on it so hard and don't see results, as I'm sure you've heard it all before.....

Coolsculpting was something I've heard about in the last couple of years, but never really did any research until I was recently introduced to LaserWay, having been there with my daughter on a visit because she is currently getting hair removal through a collaboration, you can see more of that through her YouTube channel here.  So I went in for a consultation and at this time, a collaboration was not in the works, I was in there as a regular potential customer, interested in getting the facts and costs.  My plan was to save and start the process come February or March of 2019.  I was sold on how easy and effective it is.  Later they realized I was a lifestyle blogger and knowing my daughter they offered to collaborate.  I was sold for sure and I couldn't wait to get started!

I had my first consultation at the beginning of November and my daughter is documenting the process as part of our collaboration with LaserAway, watch the video below for details on how that went.  As the nurse mentions in the video you don't actually see results right away, it does take about 3 months to see any kind of results, give or take.

Personally I cannot wait to see the results come 3 months and show you more on that, but in the meantime keep in mind that it isn’t easy for me to show such a vulnerable side of myself on camera let alone of my awesome stretch marks and thighs.

So let's just focus on a little history that we're given on the Coolsculpting process shall we not to mention how easy and painless it is!

Can't wait for my second round as well, so stay tuned for more as I give you sneak peaks on current times on my Insta stories.

Come back soon to see the results along with me, till next time!

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  1. Nice Share ! Coolsculpting is great technology. Your experience maybe helps to who are ready to try coolsculpting.


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