This New Year; Save Money On The Parts Of Life Which You Can’t Cut Back On

Its time to start thinking about goals and saving money as we begin a new year in just a few days. I'm not a financial expert by all means, but I've come to learn a few things throughout life and from financial experts, today I'll share a few of those wise financial saving tips with you.

Money is a difficult area for most people including myself sometimes. This fundamental resource should be incredibly simple, but the process involved with getting your hands on it makes this into a completely different story. Throughout your life, there will be a lot of aspects and things you could cut out and save loads of money. But, thanks to the importance of recreational time and other aspects we must continue to utilize, they just can’t always be removed completely. To help you out a bit, this post will be exploring the sort of work which can go into saving money on the parts of your life which you don’t want to change.


Videos, music, and games all play a very central role in society, nowadays. Being consumed by just about everyone, most people have to pay a bill of some sort in this area, and it isn’t always cheap. With services like Netflix or streaming apps in general being easily available, there’s no need to pay for expensive cable or satellite services, especially when you’re already shelling out for your broadband (aka Wi-Fi, am I right?!!). You should always take a look at the available content before you take the plunge and spend money with a company that provides these services.

Nights Out

Going out for a night on the town is a great way to round off a week, and something which tons of people like to indulge in. Spending money on things like drinks, food, and even cigarettes will cost a small fortune, though, if you’re not doing it right. Cheap vaping deals can be found to satisfy the desire to smoke (which I don't support at all, but there is that option), while drinks can be had at home before you go out to limit the cost of the time at the bar. Replacing small elements of this sort of outing won’t change the outcome of the night very much, but will dramatically reduce the impact on your wallet.


Staying connected with your social circles is largely handled over the internet, nowadays.

Most people send very few text messages, and even fewer make proper voice calls, making a smartphone borderline redundant. If you use services like WhatsApp more than regular text, choosing a simple data package for your phone rather than a much beefier one will save you quite a bit of money. It can be very easy to spend far more than you need to on a mobile contract.

Clothing (ok! shopping!)

Finally, it’s time to think about the clothing which you buy on a regular basis. A lot of people spend more than they can afford on this part of their life, finding it hard to restrain themselves when the right sale comes along. Saving money in this area isn’t achieved by shopping sales, though. Instead, to get the best savings, apps like Depop can be used to find secondhand garments and many others as you may already know of. A lot of these items still have labels attached, but will be far cheaper than their new equivalents.

With all of this in mind and all the above considered, you should be ready to start saving money on the parts of life which you can’t live without, right? Well maybe not quite yet, but you'll get there and if you practice these healthy habits then you'll see quite the savings at the end of the next year, hopefully.

A lot of people struggle with this genuinely, especially when they’re living on a budget, but it doesn’t have to be this way. I'll share more healthy savings tips as the year begins as much as I can, but do your research and keep a Expense sheet available to record your expenses, this has helped me quite a bit too.

Till next time!

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