TwentyNineteen Outlook | Realistic Resolutions & Goals

Truth is I needed at least a week if not more into the new year to really stop and put thought into what I really want out of 2019.  What I foresee being more realistically achievable.

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Also, I usually don't feel as motivated and inspired during the Winter months, I personally just love to enjoy the weather, get cozy watch a movie or binge watch a favorite show, enjoy my surroundings, spend quality family time, maybe a few local outings to sight see and working on projects at my own pace and will without the pressure of sharing or posting on social media.  Anyone else do this??

This new watch was a Christmas gift and I'm excited to put it to some good use by getting me to be even more active this year!

2018 was a good year over all, it had its moments, but I learned quite a lot even from the bad ones.  Lesson's are sometimes to be learned throughout the year too, not just purposely but by making mistakes.  But I especially loved that I made time to hang out with my girlfriends more, I made time for fun, for myself.  That's important.

Gathering my thoughts really helps me know and put into perspective just how I want to maneuver life into the new year.

I can honestly give you a list of things we want to do and change or update in our home still, so I'm not going to go there.  Because let me tell you, its still a long one.  We have checked off a lot off of our list but there is still quite a bit and we're going to try and get through some things this year but we're not feeling the pressure or putting the pressure on ourselves to do so.  I think anyone that owns a home and when working on a budget you just have to pace yourself when making renovations.  And when we do so, of course I'll share them here.

We really want to go with the flow with our home this year.  There are costly things and reasonable DIY's, so saving and being mindful about where we want to put the money is going to be more of the concern.

Now as far as my goals and resolutions (or better yet, intentions for the year), I have a few, not many but a few.  

Truth be told, 2018 ended exactly with how I want the continuum of 2019 to look like.  I started making plenty of mindful changes already before the holidays even began in myself, my marriage, and overall our home.

And I want to keep the momentum going, I'm even inspired to create a vision board for 2019, if you want to know what that is, click hereRachel Hollis is really my mentor this year, no doubt.


Let's start with "Goals" shall we, now keep in mind that goals are what we personally hope to achieve but may fall short of, so though we set them up for ourselves, the determination is really up to you and if possible to come through.


Take more photos, capture moments with the kiddos, the Mr. and all together if possible, including more with family and friends at outings or any gatherings (with me in them hopefully).

Actually print pictures (from phone or camera) and get them sorted.

Start scrap-booking again, this is one I hope to get around to and make more time for, because I love doing it, its been years!

Cook more, purchase more cookbooks!

Of course, always a goal, to be more present for everyone and everything, every moment, every day!

Put together a emergency home kit (or tote) a project I hope to accomplish with my husband's assistance, we're way over due for an updated one with all the necessities.

Come back to Instagram stories and share more with you guys without the pressure and organically.

Listen to more Podcasts, especially uplifting ones, like Rachel Hollis's podcast RISE. Its good, I highly recommend it to both men and women so inspirational.

Meditate, meditate, & meditate!


Okay, now for "resolutions", which are more of something you plan to do regardless of the outcome and a way of thinking.

RESOLUTIONS (aka Intentions!)

Continue our healthy lifestyle journey, in mind, body and home.

Continue eating mindfully, less grains more plant based, more so for my well being and more energy.

Continue working out 3 to 5 times a week and be more active throughout the day.

Push myself (and my husband to join me hopefully) to do Yoga outside of my home maybe sign up for a class, wouldn't that be a fun date night?!!

Date my husband more (hence the Yoga class)!

Start reading books again, on a personal level I love reading but I didn't make much time for it in 2018! Honestly I'm considering starting a book club, yay or nay??

More outdoor adventures, hikes, bike rides, camping, etc!

Save more spend less!

Continue using and sharing all the goodness YL essential oils have to offer for the sake and wellness of our home and families.

Learn something new, maybe take an online class.

Continue working super hard on my blog and brand as a blogger!

    Continue loving and appreciating this precious life HE has given me to live with those I love!

    Stress less, live more, love more!


    So what do you think?  Are these goals and resolutions doable or reasonable?  I think so, to be honest, I feel that realistic goals and resolutions are more up my alley these days.  For example I could have added that I want to lose more weight, but I want to focus more on the way I can go about losing it, such as eating better, exercising more, and making it fun by getting outside or in a class to do so, that's just more realistically doable for me.

    I'll be sharing quite a bit of my journey to healthy eating this year too, so stick around for that!

    The outlook this year is just different and so is the perspective, especially with having started couples therapy with my husband in October of last year (more on that soon), I've grown somewhat a little older and much much wiser 😉

    What are some of your goals or resolutions this year?  

    I'd love to hear them or if you've shared them on Instagram, I'm definitely reading them, I love to know what everyone's year will be looking like with all the positive changes and perspectives.

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