3 Ways to Discover Younger Looking Skin

If there is one thing that will age you the most, it is your skin. Sun damage, wrinkles and your overall complexion all contribute to the age you look - even when you still feel a lot younger inside! But while makeup can help, the real trick to younger looking skin goes much deeper. 

While you can go for quite radical treatments like stem cell therapy to help your skin regenerate, there’s no reason to go that far just yet. Taking proper care of your skin, eating properly and getting regular exercise should be enough for most people to achieve the look they want. 

Here are a few hints and tips for beautiful skin. 

Cleanse and Moisturize According to Skin Type

Cleansing your skin is really important as this process removes bacteria (acne alert!) and dead skin cells. However, lots of women get their cleansing process all wrong because they are either over-zealous, not sure what is best for their skin type or even washing too often. 

The real lesson here is that you must learn what your skin wants from you and then act accordingly. It is well worth experimenting with a few different products and techniques until you are happy that your skin is soft, supple and beautiful to look at. 

Moisturizing is vital if you are regularly putting makeup on and going outdoors. Your skin goes through a lot in a day and replacing the oils you lose to air conditioning or sun damage is essential. 

Eat Well and Drink Plenty

Happiness is always found in having a healthy diet and lifestyle. And what does that mean? Nothing short of eating plenty of fruits and veggies and drinking lots of water too. Water is really important for your whole body, not just your skin, so having sallow skin should be treated as an early warning system for the rest of your health. 

It might surprise you but some fats are actually good for your skin including foods like avocado and fatty fish. Fat is perfect for keeping your skin nice and flexible but the key is to choose the right fats. A deep fried fish in batter will never be able to compete with a salmon salad. 

Sleep Well

Just like water, sleep is an unsung hero when it comes to beauty and it also acts as an early warning system too. Tired eyes and baggy skin are the first signs that you aren’t getting enough beauty rest. Of course, its easier said than done. Sleep doesn't come by easily for me, I wake up a lot, so 8 hours of rest is crucial, at least!

Everyone requires slightly different amounts of sleep so while your partner might be happy on 7 hours, don’t feel bad if you need closer to 9. How much sleep you thrive on is totally personal although the vast majority of people will need between 7-9 hours each night. 

But another important factor is how regularly you get that sleep. Sticking to a schedule can make a huge difference and people forced to swap and change can end up in a real pickle trying to make up for a deficit. If you can, set your bedtime and morning routine so that it is the same every day. 

These tips should come in hand and ones I tend to follow religiously for the better of my own skin care.  I get asked often what it is that I do for my skin for that healthy flow and this amongst the right skin care treatments and moisturizers is what it truly comes down to.

IF you have any questions or comments by all means share your own secrets below!  Sleep is always my number #1, get enough of it, always!

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