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Winter is in full swing and that can mean shorter days, endless nights and for some a chill that’s tough to shake. Feeling tired, burnt out or cold won’t do much to help you work towards your 2019 goals, I would know because all it makes me want to do is cuddle up in a cozy blanket. 

So one way to stay on track towards both what you want out of the year and a beautiful home is hygge. A word I can definitely live by! Starting to take the world by storm, hygge (pronounced “hoo-gah”) hails from Denmark and is all about getting comfy, cozy and making the winter months not only bearable, but enjoyable. Now we're talking, right?!!

So let's talk all things comfy and cozy shall we.

Comfort Is Key

Laying the right foundation is a great place to start transforming your space for getting as cozy as possible. Pick somewhere you love lounging, like a sofa or bed, and make sure they’re just right for your needs. Thanks to cash gifts from the holidays or an upcoming tax refund, this can also be a great way to see if you can update your space as well! There are tons of affordable options online now, and even mattresses that come in a box that can be delivered directly to your door, making the process as easy as possible.

Light It Up

After you have your space set up, time to focus on lighting and creating an atmosphere that can help you unwind. Think soft lamplight and twinkle lights, avoiding harsh overheads and overly bright LED bulbs if you can. Candles are hygge’s best friend, but if open flames are a no-go where you live, flame less options are becoming more popular in different shapes and sizes in every price point. 

Layers On Layers 

Location and lighting handled, time to pile on everything plush and soft to wrap yourself in. Fuzzy throw pillows, fleecy blankets and your favorite lounging outfit are all that’s needed to help you settle down from the day and get you through the long, cold days of winter.

Make It Personal 

Hygge at its core is all about what makes you comfortable and at ease, so now that you have your area set up, time to relax. Think of the things that calm and recharge you; anything from face masks to music, tea or cocoa with a book you’ve been wanting to read, a long chat to catch up with a friend, or trying out meditation and journalism. Think of what works for you and take time for yourself! 

Below are a few books that I recommend in case you want more HYGGE in your home and life in general. Personally I already have a few books picked out.

Checking in with your needs and caring for your well being are not only good self-care practices, but will help keep you rested and focused on your goals. Hygge is just one idea to consider, how are you making time for yourself in 2019? I’d love to see your tips! 

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