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Whether it’s for a better standard of living or to take up a new job opportunity, lots of people find themselves in a position whereby they consider a move abroad. I like to share these tips a lot with you because we sometimes don't realized how much we need to know when it comes to moving cross country or further.

There are of course countries that have long been popular in terms of attracting expats, such as Germany and Switzerland. However, one place that is emerging as a firm favorite is Bahrain. This is the jewel of the Middle East when it comes to relocation and there are many reasons why. 

A better standard of living in Bahrain

A lot of people move to Bahrain in order to take advantage of a better standard of living. Research reveals that those living in Bahrain tend to enjoy an improved work/life balance. HSBC state that the global average of expats enjoying a better work/life balance is 40 per cent, yet in Bahrain 62 per cent of expats claim this aspect of their life has improved. 

The working environment and culture 

Expats state they enjoy a better working environment and culture in Bahrain, as well as a more active social life. Expats in Bahrain also enjoy a better commute to work and improved accommodation. If you need to advance your skills, an online MBA means you won’t be held back in Bahrain, so there are always opportunities for progression too. 

Access to a great standard of healthcare 

The overall quality of living in Bahrain is of a high level. Health care is of a premium standard. Yet it is advisable to acquire international health insurance prior to your move. Whilst everyone has access to the state system and there aren’t long waiting times, the best hospitals are arguably the private ones. Therefore, if you want to have access to the best health care, expat medical insurance should definitely be considered beforehand. 

Making friends and adapting is not as hard as you may think

Aside from this, a lot of expats state that they have found it easy to make friends in the country and adapt to the local food. Setting up utilities seems to be a breeze and most expats have had no problem adjusting to the new lifestyle and culture of Bahrain. Childcare is also highly regarded in Bahrain, with children enjoying access to a better education and a wider circle in terms of diversity of friends. 

A few final words...

All in all, it is not difficult to see why Bahrain is proving to be a popular choice with many. In fact, the only real issue associated with moving to the country is that the language can be difficult to grasp for many. Nonetheless, you will likely be thrilled with your new destination if you choose Bahrain.

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