Scallop Linguine With Deliciously Italian Uncommon Flavors of Europe This Holiday Season

I've been super excited to try one of Chrissy Teigen's recipes from her latest cookbook, and one of my many Christmas gifts this year.

Thanks to Pecorino Romano PDO, whom by the way was gifted to me in exchange for this post, but was also the another huge motivation to give this recipe a try.

When it comes to pasta dishes besides spaghetti I'm a huge chicken, I'm afraid it just won't turn out as good as it looks or sounds. In this case, I was willing to give it a try because Chrissy really does make her recipes sound and read easily and easier than they look.

Most of the recipes in her cookbook actually require parmigiano romano cheese, and so I knew replacing it with some Pecorino Romano PDO would be just as good. Truth is you can't go wrong with a European cheese. I love keeping a few of these on hand anyway for different dishes or as a garnish but this particular cheese is a new taste for me and one that came in as a gift just in time to start cooking!

I decided New Years Eve was the perfect time to make a dish like this, not only is it easy enough to re-create but the perfect portion for my whole family and some if we ever had any unexpected guests drop by.

I simply followed her instructions and voila! But I did use parsley instead of chives, its just what I had on hand (my backyard).

Its critical that you all make note that Romano, is not the same as Pecorino Romano (Romano cheese isn’t even made with sheep’s milk!) nor are all Pecorinos the same.

And for more recipe inspiration:

A little intel about this particular cheese, Pecorino Romano is one of the oldest cheeses in the world (2000 years old!) and one of the most well-loved. It is made with all natural milk from sheep who graze on wild pastures filled with native flora in the Italian regions of Sardinia, Lazio and the province of Grosseto. Only here can Pecorino Romano PDO be made from fresh whole sheep’s milk from October to July.

Its great served on a cheese platter as well accompanied by nuts, fruits and crackers, with your favorite wine also. I personally love cheeses with so many different uses in entree dishes or served as an appetizer, it serves its purpose and you get to taste it in different ways or scenarios.

If you're interested in recreating this scallop linguine recipe, go out and buy this cookbook ASAP!! Your family will thank you :)

I cannot wait to try so many more dishes from Chrissy's book and if you happen to try any yourself, let me know.

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Hope this holiday season finds you in great spirits and that your kitchen endeavors are always fun and exciting!

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