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Okay, let me start by saying that this particular way of shopping isn't for everyone, at first I didn't think it was for me either. And shopping online for clothes in particular hasn't always been my favorite way to shop, because I like to try things on or see them in person to really know if they'll look good or fit a certain way in order for me to make that dive.

Having heard of Stitch Fix last Summer and trying them out, I'm not going to lie, at first I was happy, then disappointed and then happy again.  And I love that its much easier than it seems and returning items with their return envelope provided is super easy even if you do or don't keep everything or much of what you're sent to try on. The Stitch Fix customer service and staff is the absolute best to work with.

So even if you are disappointed have no fear, they will definitely take good care of you and make sure that they get your style and help with what ever you want right away.  I honestly think that overall that's what's impressed me the most with their company.  Its not something easy to come by these days anymore.

I loved my latest box of goodies!

You guys, this one was just to the T, with my style.  Not to mention it was just what I needed to complete my Winter wardrobe this season.  I was in need of another long-sleeve, flannel and knit sweater for sure and the jeans they send me, are always the perfect fit.

And of course they always send you their styling cards, as if some of us needed them to style ourselves, okay, I definitely need it, it definitely comes in very handy for me in fact.

Usually its a scarf or some kind of accessory that they send along to pair with my outfits, but this time, they sent over this Urban Expressions work tote/handbag, that I am obsessed with! The perfect accessory, don't you think?

This caramel color had me at HELLO, then I saw the inside and how perfect it was for my planner and notebook plus the additional coin purse, and I was even more in love!

Similar bags, I think you'll love!

I couldn't tell you how comfy all the clothing pieces were, I wore them right away and of course I had to snap shots of me wearing them so I could show you.

I wish I had the time to stand by and give you guys a try-on session, but sometimes my time or energy just doesn't allow, I tend to forget or get interrupted with the dogs, chores, or the kids coming and going throughout the day.

So I figured getting snaps of my outfits is better than nothing.

I normally wouldn't purchase a turtle neck for myself, but this Black and White striped loose tie string version is one I can definitely see myself wearing and I did, its very casual and loose fitting anyway and perfect to wear in or out on the weekends or week days!

This knit gray sweater, ya'll.  The back detailing (see previous pics above) was just so cute and paired with the jeans they sent as well, below.  And just some booties, but I'm sure any booties would look just as comfy and stylish all in the same.

Below I am wearing a jacket (not from Stitch Fix) over my flannel as I headed out to work, but the flannel colors and overall look, just looks great with or without a jacket on.

I personally love flannels and could wear them every day!  With a comfy pair of jeans and booties, flats, or chucks!

So if this doesn't convince you to give Stitch Fix a try, then I don't know what will friends.  I don't like recommending anything to you that I don't truly and genuinely love myself.  But I can honestly say, this is by far one of the companies I've loved working with the most as an influencer and as a customer of theirs.

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You're able to get your Fix either every month or every three months if you prefer, there's no contract or pressure if you don't like it after your first try.  And did I mention their staff is the sweetest and will answer any questions right away that you may have, don't forget also, if you don't like it after you receive it, you can send it back for FREE!!!

I can't wait to show you my next Stitch Fix, so make sure to follow or subscribe to the blog here and follow on Instagram for more! 

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