Transform Your Bathroom With These Amazing Ideas

There is no hiding the fact that a decent looking bathroom can make a house feel finished and complete. The same can be said about a kitchen. They are the two rooms that can have the biggest impact when it comes to selling your house or just the general appearance and opinion people will make when they enter your home. However, both rooms can cost quite a bit to have remodeled. A bathroom, although cheaper out of the two to replace, sometimes just needs a little love and attention to be brought back to life. Often making changes here and there, as well as considering a new bathroom, could make the biggest of difference. Here are some of the amazing ideas that could help transform your bathroom space. 

Consider replacing the whole bathroom

Let’s be honest, one of the first things you could consider doing would be to replace the whole bathroom. This is possibly the most costly suggestion, and one to consider if you feel the time has come to replace and start again. A new bathroom can give you the chance not to just have a new bath or shower, or changing smaller elements like taps and faucets, but you can also tile the walls or the floor or do the whole thing. It is certainly the one option that will give you the investment back, but one you may have to budget and save for. 

Think about one element of the bathroom 

You may want a new bathroom suite, but if it isn’t completely on the cards now what else could you do? The answer would be to slowly replace different elements of your bathroom as and when you can. This might be a new vanity area or sink, a new toilet, or even investing in a frame-less shower to add a unique feature as well as that separate shower option. Doing this could help you to save for the bathroom in the long term, but there can be upheaval just changing different elements one at a time, so you may have factor this into your decision. 

A good clean

Of course, no one is suggesting that you don’t clean your bathrooms. Although cleaning them has to be one of the worst household chores. A good clean can mean paying attention to some of the areas you may not clean as regularly. Things like the sealant around the edge of your shower or bath, for example. This part of the bathroom suite can showcase it’s age and can look grubby. Even though it isn’t. There are some great home remedies online that can help clean these areas up. You will be surprised the difference it makes. If you struggle to get it bright and clean once more then getting rid of it and re-sealing will instantly make your bathroom suite look fresh and new. 

Decorating without replacing your existing suite

There are lots of new decor ideas that you could incorporate into your bathroom. You could consider changing the walls. If you have existing tiles, then you could consider using a tile paint to paint over them. Or if you have some exposed plastered walls then why not give them a fresh coat of paint. Mirrors and feature walls also work well in bathrooms. They can make the room feel decorated and different by just adding a few unique pieces to a wall. 

Change the flooring

You don’t always have to change everything, but choosing one key feature to upgrade can make all the difference. Changing the flooring is a great way to do this and friendly on the purse strings as well. There are some great lino floor options that don’t cost a lot, or you could consider something a little different. There are plenty of flooring ideas online. 

Add a new light fitting

A fancy new light fitting could be just the ticket to make your bathroom feel brand new. You could even hunt out different light options at local car boots or even on eBay to save yourself a few pounds. No one ever needs to know where you bought something; it just has to look good. 

New accessories in a different color theme

It can just be as easy as a new towel set in a color with matching accessories to make your bathroom feel all spruced up and nice. It can sometimes just be the simple little things that can make a big difference. Especially if you go for a bold color that you haven’t showcased before. 

Let’s hope these suggestions have you transforming your bathroom. 

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