SoCal Wellness 2019 Expo | Recap

I've been coming out of hibernation very slowly lately.  Although I have been keeping up with blogging, I still feel as though its been a slow process for me and getting back into the swing of things.

I finally had a chance and actually had the energy to get into some Pre-Spring cleaning.  Getting rid of old things and old clothes to help declutter and make room for some new things is honestly the best feeling!  Including giving each room a face-lift and a refreshed feel and look is also my favorite.

But before I came out of hibernation and was still in planning mode, I also finally had the chance to attend a fun event.  As I mentioned in my Instagram stories back when we went, it was an event we were supposed to attend back in November but then the Malibu fires took place and of course taking precaution and everyone's safety was priority.  Therefore this event had to get postponed until further notice.

That day finally came on January 31st.  But then guess what happened on that day??  It rained, a lot.  To say it was a bittersweet event is to say the least but it was well worth the drive and so worth attending!

To be honest, I think I was a bit more excited about the location at first than I was about the event, but I also knew I'd be learning a lot from all the health advocates and professionals that would be speaking at the panels.

They had so much wisdom, I can't even begin to tell you what a great feeling it was to just be in the presence and mixture of so many people with the same intention and goal.

Overall wellness.  Mind, body and spirit.

The goal was to stay all day and listen on as many panels as possible but unfortunately coming from Orange County to Westlake Village was not an easy task and knowing what traffic would be like going back home was not worth imagining.

Therefore we stayed and we listened and talked to as many of the up and coming wellness, health, and beauty brands as we could in the amount of time that we allowed ourselves to be there.

 We had the opportunity to speak to this gem below about KANA skincare, which is a new skincare brand to the U.S. and even got to take home some product samples which I already love very much.  Definitely recommend you check out their website and maybe even shop a few of their skincare.

These ladies below were also very sweet and loved their purpose and message overall and you can just feel all the positive vibes from just speaking with them.  Kelsey is the owner of and also practices and teaches Reiki, as she is a Reiki master.

I definitely recommend you also give them a visit and even follow them if possible.

Of course I can't go without mentioning how great the food provided was, all so healthy and delicious! Including all the drinks provided by some of the best known brands!


I was lucky enough to have been able to co-host a Giveaway with and their drinks!  Congrats to the lucky winner and her loved one, they won a weeks worth of Koia, which you can see more about here.

In case you're wondering where to find most or all of the beverages below, I can almost bet that you can find them all at your local Wholefoods, which is where I've come to find a few of these already.  Especially Koia plant based protein drinks!

Huge thanks to SoCal Moms for inviting us to this amazing event and providing us with these exceptional photos to share with you all!

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