Your Quick Guide To A Healthier Home | All Year Round

Whether you live alone or with your family, it doesn’t matter; having a healthy home is a must if you want to feel amazing. 

If you’ve been feeling a little run down, you might not like that it might come to the conclusion that your home could be the reason for it. There are all kinds of things that can affect the health in your home. Below, you’ll find some quick and actionable advice that will help you to create a healthier home, all year round.


Get Rid Of Those Toxic Candles

Candles can actually be really toxic - the fact is, you just don’t know what you’re burning. You could be breathing in anything from those fumes, even if it does smell nice. Instead, incorporate things like essential oils and incense to make your home smell nice. Just make sure you go for high quality over cheap options, or you could still be polluting your home.

Make Sure Texture Isn’t Aggravating Allergies

Having a lot of texture in the home is great for making it look amazing, but it can also aggravate allergies if you have a lot of it. Make sure you keep it clean, and if you think you have too much, cut it down. Textures tend to hold things like pet hair and dust for a long time, so this is worth bearing in mind. 

Be Mindful Of Pests

Make sure you know what to look out for when it comes to pests. Pests can ruin your garden, invade your home, and even bug your pets. Keep an eye out for them, and if you suspect you have a problem, get advice from a company like Economy Exterminators. Trying to fix the problem yourself is totally possible, but if you’re inexperienced, you might just make it worse.

Let In More Natural Light

Natural light is a must for happiness and productivity. Let in as much of it as you can. If you can’t let in all that much, invest in lighting that mimics natural light instead.

Air It Out

Open your windows and doors from time to time, when you know it is safe to do so. Air out your home and get that stale air moving. Some people even like to use sage to ‘cleanse’ the space.

Get On Top Of Your Cleaning Schedule

Make sure you have a cleaning schedule that you stick to, and that you don’t just leave it until you can see it really needs to be done. As mentioned, dust can cause all kinds of problems, and not cleaning your sides of things like dried food properly can invite those pests in!

Don’t Smoke

Smoking in your house will make everything in it stink. It’s bad for you, your family, and even your pets!

Use More Natural Cleaning Products

Choose more natural cleaning products rather than the ones that are full of chemicals. You may even be able to create your own effective products with things like lemon juice and vinegar. You can even use essential oil products as cleaning products.

Hope these tips give you a little more insight on how to help keep your home healthier this season and throughout the year.  Its nice when you can go a long time, years even without catching any kind of flu or cold, I can attest to that.  Ever since we started practicing all of these changes in our home, we're a much healthier family all around and rarely catch anything these days and if we it doesn't last or prolong.  

Plus we save a lot of money not having to go to the doctor or pay for antibiotics which the alternative of using oils in our home has really come in handy for that exact purpose.

Stay healthy my friends, till next time!

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