5 Essential Items That No Homeowner Should Do Without

There is a great deal of talk about minimalism these days, and if you are going to cut down the amount of stuff you have, you first need to identify the things that you can't do without.

Luckily, this is a topic I have been thinking about and talking about recently, and my deliberations have caused me to come up with the ultimate guide for some essential items that every homeowner needs. Keep reading to find out who they are.

A Decent Bed And Mattress 

It doesn't matter whether you have your own home, rent your place or even live in a converted van, one item that you cannot do without is a decent bed and mattress! The reason that this is such a vital possession is that it is the quality of sleep we get that refuels and refreshes us for the next day. That means if we aren't sleeping well, the everyday quality of our life will suffer. 

Personally I look forward to bed time every day because I do feel that I rest and can truly call my bed a place of rejuvenation.

In fact, a lack of a regular good quality night's sleep is linked to all sorts of physical and psychological conditions, and that is why a quality bed frame and mattress is something that you should always invest in given the choice. 

Of course, you may be wondering what counts as a quality bed and mattress, and this isn't always a straightforward question to answer. The reason being that there are many different types of frame and differently made mattress on the market. In fact, you can often get a lot more by identifying what kind of sleeper you are and using that as the key to selecting the right mattress and bed frame combo that will work the best for you. 

For example, those that sleep on their backs can often get away with a much softer bed and mattress, because they don't need as much support on their joints. However, folks that like to sleep on their side or bellies need more firmness, like me, because without this more pressure is exerted on their joints during the night.

Something that can not only be uncomfortable, but cause you to wake up and adjust as well, and so it disturbs your sleep. Therefore, it's essential that you have a decent bed and mattress combo but that you match it to your own personals need as well. 

A Good TV & Channel Package or Streaming Device

We all have that one friend that doesn't watch TV, but for the rest of us, binge watching our favorite shows in the evenings or on the weekends after a long hard week at work is a treat that we heartedly look forward to. 

Of course, as consumption of social media being such a big part of our lives, it means that good TV with the best premium channels or best streaming device is something that most people will find a crucial possession.  Like me and my family. In fact, there is nothing more frustrating than finding out your favorite show is back on, but that you don't have access to it. Am I right?

The hardware you choose in terms of your media content is also essential, and while many people use phones, tablets, and laptops to watch TV and access media, it still worth finding a great TV as well. Because not only does the TV tend to be the central focus of the living area, but it is straightforward and easy to hook up other devices to output on this larger screen as well. To that end, finding the right TV is important and one that no homeowner should avoid. In my opinion.

An Efficient Washer-Dryer 

Unless you are seriously fancy and get, all of your clothes done at the dry cleaner another important item in your home is the washer-dryer. In fact, this tends to be one of those items that you don't realize is so important until something goes wrong with it, and you are inconvenienced. 

Of course, these can be pretty expensive, so it is sensible to do some thorough research before you choose a new washer dryer for your home. You now even have the opportunity to pick models that allow you to add items into the wash, even when it has started, as well as devices that are much more environmentally friendly as well. Something that those who are looking to make their home not only more minimal but also more eco-consciousness will appreciate it too.

A Solid And Secure Front Door 

Imagine if your apartment or house had no front door? Not only would it be cold and impractical, but it wouldn't be very secure either, and would look pretty silly too. What this demonstrates is that your front door is an essential item, that you certainly cannot do without. 

To that end, choosing a front door that looks pleasant is only half of the issue. You also need to think about security with wooden doors fitted with deadlocks and bolts.

In addition, remember that glass panels that aren't reinforced can provide an easy way for intruders to gain access to the inside of your home. Also, be aware that all front doors should be hung in secure hinges, with long screws so they cannot be lifted off. You can even use hinge bolts to supply extra security in this area. After all, for the safety of your home, your front door is something that you cannot do without. 

A Power Shower 

While you may easily be able to do without some of the clutter and bric-a-brac that litters your home, doing without an essential such as a power shower is almost impossible. Power showers are shower units that heat the water up each time you use them which means that there will always be hot water and good pressure, even if others have been in the bathroom before you. 

When choosing a power shower that is suitable for your home be sure to look out for whether it has stabilized temperature control as this can prevent the risk of scalding when using the device. 

Also, some showers come with universal inlets and looms which allows you to install them either to the left or right-hand side in your bathroom. Some don't however, so it's crucial that you check this before making your selection, especially if you have a tight space in which you need it fitted.

After all, your shower is such a necessary item in the home, you will barely be able to go a few days without one, so selecting and installing it wisely is essential. 

Hope these homeowner tips give you more insight on the things that could be more essential to you as a homeowner and to those new to the aspect.

Things I've learned myself as a new homeowner only 4 years ago come June.

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